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World premiere: The first hard wax from the spray can

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t wax carillow tuningblog 3 World premiere: The first hard wax from the spray can


We are used to using liquids from spray cans, but does this principle also work with hard wax polishing? The answer is clear as simple - yes, it works! With T-Wax, the Carillow company is launching a real revolution among the polish-savvy scene. Applying and removing stripes is a thing of the past.

With the new hard wax polish, Carillow is a real success. Hardly at the start, the innovation in wheel, surface and car paint care is crystal clear - the spray can makes the decisive difference.

Modified montan wax is the basis of this novelty. Montan wax is the hardest, most gloss-stable natural wax and it lasts for months. A fact that should intensify the run on the spray can. In contrast to soft waxes, it is incredibly hard-wearing and extremely long-lasting.

The fossil vegetable wax was created millions of years ago in the strata of lignite. Wax and resinous components from the former agricultural and swamp plants remained in it and can now be extracted using a special extraction process.

So far, no one has been able to pack this technical know-how into a spray can. After all, until recently, all our attention was focused on soft waxing. For the care of furniture up to motorcycles, boats and cars, these were ready for polishing. A lot of effort in the seasons with moderate success, as we now have to determine. The simple use of T-Wax encourages and urges change.

T Wax Carillow tuningblog 1 World premiere: The first hard wax from the spray can

Efficient and simple to use, just spray on, then polish as usual and the unmistakable result is already visible. On average, it is entirely sufficient to reliably protect heavily used motorcycle and car paints every three to four months.

For ease of use, shake the can well for about 20 seconds, then spray on and allow the carrier liquid to evaporate briefly. Finally polish in and remove any excess. A complete car polish has never been so successful and clean. The brilliant deep gloss effect convinces even the toughest doubters in the end.

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t wax carillow tuningblog 2 World premiere: The first hard wax from the spray can

T-Wax and its dirt-repellent effect guarantee a much easier surface cleaning of resins, tar, insect remains and bird droppings. Its water-repellent effect prevents increased surface wear and protects cars such as motorcycles from oxidation, UV radiation and corrosion.

T-Wax - an all-rounder for all applications

Using the spray can, the fine distribution of the Montan hard wax is an easy exercise. For sustainable paint care, the T-Wax Spray is suitable for parts and rim care, extended application options are available for boats, motorcycles, furniture, plastics, glass, synthetic leather and bicycles. T-Wax withstands the demanding sealing of boat paints as well as its high-performance hard wax protection for kitchen fronts, mirrors, shower cubicles and tiles. Long-lasting with a water-repellent effect, T-Wax can be used for any type of seal to efficiently counteract deposits and dirt.

t wax carillow tuningblog 1 World premiere: The first hard wax from the spray can

The resulting velvety smooth surface provides impenetrable protection from the weather and seals every varnish at the highest level. Carry out one or two complete vehicle treatments with just one 400ml can, either by hand and microfiber cloth or with the use of a polishing machine - as you wish.

T-Wax is a product of Carillow, whose official sales partner for Europe is from Itzehoe. Currently available via for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

t wax carillow tuningblog 4 World premiere: The first hard wax from the spray can

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