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Do you already have that? CARISTA Bluetooth OBD2 adapter heard? No? Then you should read on carefully now. The part is an absolute asset for almost every driver. The CARISTA Bluetooth OBD2 adapter enables everyone to check their car themselves, for example after engine malfunctions. This saves the money for analyzing the fault in the specialist workshop. But not only that. Often mistakes appear only sporadically or sometimes once. Nevertheless, the error warning either remains in the instrument cluster or the error is at least still stored in the vehicle's error memory.

Carista OBD Bluetooth experience test tuning 2018 2 E1515396194960CARISTA offers without visiting the specialist workshop the option of simply analyzing these error codes yourself and deleting them if necessary. The OBD adapter has a standard Bluetooth adapter to connect to the phone and finds the cause of the display of the warning light in the vehicle within seconds. Moreover, there is a free app that quickly is the most important information known. We recommend but in any case, the "pro" version for €43,99 in the year. It has a 30-day trial period and contains all functions. The is compatible CARISTA Adapters with all vehicles from 1996 until today. The system can be used for American vehicles from 2001/2004 until today.

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But CARISTA can not only find and delete errors. The adapter has many more functions that really impress us. First of all, connecting the app (available for Android and iOS) with the OBD adapter very easy and leaves no questions. The system then uses various menu items to show that you can even personalize your own vehicle if you wish. It also allows manufacturer-specific diagnostics to be carried out. And the app is updated regularly. Just recently there was an update with more options for customization for BMW E6x, E7x, E8x, E9x. Since then, the app has made it possible to visualize the parking distance and hill start aid for the VW Golf 7, the Audi A3 8V and other vehicles.

the OBD2 service / diagnostics

Did you do the oil service on the vehicle yourself? Then you can directly reset the service interval yourself. Or was the vehicle battery too old and there are error messages due to undervoltage? No problem. You can now read out and reset the errors yourself. The app shows the error code and its meaning. In an emergency, you can drive up directly to the workshop and specifically name the problem. The function to check whether the car would potentially pass an exhaust gas test is also very useful.

vehicle personalization

A small highlight for us: CARISTA The app and the adapter make it easy to personalize the car electronics according to personal taste. CARISTA can not only READ, but also WRITE in the vehicle software. A small catch in the current app is the fact that many functions were only available for Audi, BMW, Mini, Lexus, Seat, Skoda, Toyota or VW. The exact models are listed in the description. So that's on it BEFORE pointed out the purchase! For us, this meant that we were finally able to activate daytime running lights on our Audi A3 8P facelift. This had failed at two independent workshops, including a large chain. The reason was that no access to the corresponding control section was possible. CARISTA can do this without problems! The DRL function can now even be activated or deactivated in the on-board computer. The type of daytime running lights can be easily selected in the app. It also enables many other settings (see video).

Manufacturer specific diagnostics

You want to come with me CARISTA carry out the specific diagnostics and checks of the vehicle yourself? No problem! You can easily configure ABS, exposure settings, comfort functions and error codes for the vehicles from Audi, BMW, Mini, Lexus, Seat, Skoda, Toyota and VW listed in the app.

We tried it out, of course

In the video

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