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Nowadays body kits are back in fashion. The trend from the 1980s, which at the time mainly covered the VW and Opel scene, can be seen today in almost every tuned automobile. But not only body kits, but also chip tuning is still in vogue, as there are more and more turbocharged engines with low displacement, which are more economical and efficient than conventional naturally aspirated engines, and therefore gradually replace the old naturally aspirated engines in modern automobiles. If you also want to tune your turbocharged vehicle, you have the option to find your tailor-made package at CHIPFACTORY.

Austria's leading provider of professional engine tuning.

CHIPFACTORY brings both production cars and racing cars up to speed in terms of performance, and trucks and agricultural machinery can also run more powerfully and economically thanks to the chip tuning from Austria's number 1 in terms of performance increase. Performance cures are offered for all models of all common motor vehicle manufacturers, and CHIPFACTORY has its own performance test bench, which guarantees optimal adaptation and tuning of engine tuning.

Active Sound - sporty sound for diesel engines.

But chip tuning is by no means the only product offered by CHIPFACTORY, but the company also offers an active sound generator, which ensures that diesel engines of all kinds roar sportily and have a sonorous, bassy sound. The system from the Eberspächer company is a sound generator which, depending on the engine characteristics, generates a rich exhaust sound that is in no way inferior to the large-volume petrol engines. Thus, the customer can look forward to an incomparable sound experience.

Green Tuning - drive cleaner and more efficiently.

chipfactory tuning body kits CHIPFACTORY body kits & chip tuning from a single source.

At CHIPFACTORY you can make your new car as well as your old and youngtimer cleaner and more environmentally friendly through professional eco-tuning. Exhaust gas aftertreatment, diesel particle filter and SCR cat repair for new cars and older vehicles, as well as catalytic converter retrofits for oldtimers are carried out professionally.

Eco tuning - reduced consumption through chip tuning.

ECO tuning chip tuning CHIPFACTORY body kits & chip tuning from a single source.

In contrast to green tuning, which mainly affects diesel vehicles as well as oldtimers and youngtimers, there are no hardware changes to the vehicle during eco tuning. Here, the engine control is changed by means of software optimization in such a way that consumption is reduced without the engine losing significant performance. The performance characteristics are changed so that a significant reduction in fuel consumption is achieved in the partial load range. The injection quantity, injection pressure, injection timing, and all sensors that are responsible for the combustion cycle are optimized so that even a higher torque is generated, which means that the shifting process can take place earlier in both a manual transmission and automatic transmission. This means a significantly lower fuel consumption is achieved.

Body kits from MTR - subtle modifications that give your car more sportiness.

We have been reporting on vehicles from MTR design, Regardless of whether Porsche Cayenne, Toyota RAV 4, Land Cruiser 200 or Listen Q5, the MTR team has a suitable body kit for countless vehicles. And exclusively at CHIPFACTORY (MTR dealer for Western Europe), the body kits of the Russian tuning company MTR are now available, which blend optically very discreetly into the existing vehicle design and meet the highest quality standards. With the body kits, which are offered for various premium vehicles from different manufacturers, you can give your car that certain something without being too thick and without turning your car into a chunky craft booth. The following Toyota RAV4 was equipped with an MTR body kit by the CHIPFACTORY team and this can be found on the separate website can be ordered directly. And on the Toyota there is also a performance increase from 222 to 250 hp, such as a V-Max suspension (180 km / h).

At the end... If you are interested in getting your vehicle up to speed optically and technically, then do not hesitate and check out the website of today to give your baby the necessary optical and technological finishing touch, which makes it a very special highlight.

chipfactory tuning body kits 3 CHIPFACTORY body kits & chip tuning from a single source.

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