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Software optimization put to the test: was it really worth it?

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Software optimization put to the test: was it really worth it?


A software optimization stands for more power with relatively little installation and cost effort and sounds like the perfect solution for everyone who wants to give their car a new touch quickly and easily. Whether the chip tuning really keeps what it promises and what is to be considered, we will take a look at the following.

What is software optimization and how does it work?

Software optimization is about unlocking more engine power and thereby getting an increase in performance, that means in plain language increased torque, more agile response, better acceleration and a new speed limit. That works because most production engines unused power reserves have. If you look at different models of the same manufacturer, you often find that, although cylinder size and cylinder are identical, but they differ in engine performance. The difference lies in the control of the engine electronics and that's exactly where chip tuning starts.

Software optimization put to the test: was it really worth it?

Through the software optimization make better use of the existing engine reserves of the vehicle model, by one Additional unit is integrated into the communication process between the engine and the electronic engine control unit, which recalculates the incoming signals via injection quantity and boost pressure (map optimization). The tuning chip intervenes in data communication, but the original software is not changed and the modified data will continue to be forwarded directly from the original engine control unit. The performance increase usually remains within the tolerance range The original fault detection of the engine control unit and changes to the gearbox and brakes are usually not necessary for chip tuning.

Is software optimization allowed?

Software optimization put to the test: was it really worth it?

Yes, software optimization is allowed and available for many different car brands and vehicle models. The installation of a tuning chip is subject to one Reporting requirements, because the vehicle owner is legally obliged to have every modification made to the vehicle in the vehicle documents. There is the possibility of Entry via a parts certificate or by means of an individual entry. Many reputable suppliers of tuning chips offer a TÜV report. The insurance company must decide whether there is an increased risk due to the increase in performance and to what extent the vehicle value has increased due to the installation of the tuning chip. After installing the tuning chip you also have to all tuned parts are insured. The vehicle tax is now calculated based on CO2 emissions and should not change due to the installation of the tuning chip. Nevertheless, there is one Obligation to report to the tax authorities.

What must be considered when optimizing software?

Software optimization put to the test: was it really worth it?

Before we go into more detail about the benefits, let's take a look at what needs to be paid special attention to when optimizing software:

  • Avoid low-cost suppliers

The largest Danger in software optimization comes from low-cost providers and unprofessional manufacturers. With reputable manufacturers, the tuning chips are created and produced by professionals over years of development work and must be precisely adjusted to each vehicle model, and of course that has its price. Before you buy any cheap chip, you should definitely Inform in advance about the manufacturer's offer, performance and experience. If manufacturers have specialized in a certain type of tuning chip, such as high-quality diesel tuning chips, and have years of experience, you can assume that they are professionals.

  • Recognizing dubious promises

One should also be sensitive to unrealistic promises, because normally one is An increase in performance of more than 25% using a tuning chip is no longer healthy for the vehicle. If you tune beyond the tolerance limit of the engine, parts of the gearbox may no longer be able to withstand the overload and there is even a risk of engine damage.

  • Pay attention to the driving style

Chiptuning should lead to more driving fun and driving dynamics, but you should always do that Keep an eye on brake and engine block wear. Own responsibility is required!

You often hear that chip tuning can save fuel, but of course this only applies if you drive accordingly. A sporty driving style and less fuel consumption are unfortunately a myth in reality.

Benefits of software optimization

It should now be clear where the possible risks of chip tuning lie. Now let's take a look at the advantages that retailers promise:

  • Up to 25% performance increase

The biggest advantage of software optimization is obvious: it causes a Performance increase of 20% - 25%, without having to buy a higher-powered model. The Power Boost promises better acceleration, no more weak spots, better pulling when overtaking and on gradients and a new top speed.

  • Relatively low cost

The price for the tuning chip varies depending on the provider, but is relatively cheap, especially compared to a new purchase. With reputable providers there is a tuning chip from about 400 Euro .

  • Uncomplicated installation

Software optimization put to the test: was it really worth it?Ordering, delivery and installation are actually absolutely uncomplicated and quick. The tuning chip is delivered perfectly adjusted to the vehicle model and can usually be installed by yourself. in the "PLUG & DRIVE" procedure the power box is simply plugged into the manufacturer's original plug-in connections using the supplied wiring harness. In this case, a visit to the workshop is unnecessary and most tuning boxes can be easily stowed in the engine compartment. Many manufacturers also offer Refund policy within the first few days and one Product warranty. Incidentally, the tuning chip can also be used just as easily remove.

  • No software tuning

Another advantage is that in chip tuning in contrast to OBD tuning (software tuning), the engine control software is not changed. The power box is simply plugged in and transmits the optimized signals to the original engine control unit in real time. Stay through this error detection and other important safety issues exist.

Power box disabled: legal or illegal to use?

Conclusion on software optimization:

  • Our conclusion is that Chiptuning is well worth it because it actually is quickly and easily leads to more driving pleasure and also relatively is inexpensive. However, software optimization only makes sense if you buys from a reputable provider, who has years of experience and makes no unrealistic promises. Because in the end: Tune it safe! Ps. What actually happens if you add a tuning box to a vehicle that is already equipped with OBD chip tuning? We thought about it!

Software optimization put to the test: was it really worth it?

Of course that had not happened yet!

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Software optimization put to the test: was it really worth it?

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