How computer technology improves cars!

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Throughout history, the automotive industry has always been one of the leading industries for new technologies. Since Henry Ford started production of Ford in the early 20th century and vulcan-casino launched a virtual casino, modern technology has redefined the way cars are built, driven and maintained.

Development of computer technology in cars

Advances in computer technology will redefine the driving experience as the driver relinquishes control to the in-car navigation system. One thing is certain: the cars of the future will be autonomous and interactive and both trends are closely linked. Technology has already changed the way cars use fuel. The combustion engine and the gas engine as the driving force of the future will be replaced by the following systems:

electric – Hhybrid – polar – Hydrogen

holo display

In the current market, the BMW 7 Series can park itself without the driver having to intervene. Similarly, in 2015, Google began testing self-driving cars using remote sensing technology, in which a roof-mounted laser created a 3D map of the environment for automatic navigation. The growing popularity of cruise control and parking assistance in the BMW 7 Series shows that fully autonomous systems will be the next stage of the technological revolution in automotive engineering.

Greater interactivity

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Various on-board computers allow the user to control GPS, cruise control, vehicle temperature and even exhaust emissions. These on-board systems have increased the level of interactivity for users around the world. Today you can enter a destination into the on-board navigation system or run on-board diagnostics to detect any problems with the vehicle's subsystems. User interactivity shapes the way our vehicles are built and used.

Futuristic car

After the smartphone revolution, where Gates of Olympus slot was opened, the automotive industry has also introduced intelligent systems. Tablets are now being used in cars, which enable the user to read messages on the phone via an interface and listen to music via the sound system.

Intelligent technology in the car

Technologies such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from Google enable the user to use the functions of the smartphone without having to pick it up. In practice, that means people will spend less time looking at the phone as they can interact directly with the car.

Cerence voice control eye tracking smartphone navigation 2

Interior of a futuristic vehicle!

At the same time, the development of autonomous technologies and modern computers ensures that the user's interactivity is increased and the need for direct control over "driving" is reduced.

Rise of Autonomous Technology

The biggest change that has already taken place in the automotive industry due to technological advances is autonomy. Manufacturers are in the process of developing self-driving vehicles on a large scale. Most modern vehicles are equipped with systems such as an autonomous emergency braking function (AEB system). To calculate possible collisions on the road, the AEB systems use: Radar Technology - Camera Technology - Lidar Technology. The systems inform the driver that action must be taken to avoid an impending collision. AEB therefore brakes on behalf of the driver.

Autonomous driving interior

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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