10 curiosities from the car universe that only a few know!

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In this article we call interesting and unusual facts for car lovers. From the creation of the seat belt to the most valuable brand in the world.

1. The car with the highest mileage

  • The record for the car with the most kilometers goes to a 1800 Volvo P1966S, which clocked up almost five million kilometers in 2013 (4.862.595 km). This corresponds to more than 120 times around the world. After the death of its owner Irv Gordon in 2018, the car was inherited and has not made any further public appearances since.

2. The first fine…

  • The first speeding ticket was issued in 1896 in the county of Kent, England. Aboard an Arnold Benz, which looked more like a motorized carriage than a car, driver Walter Arnold quadrupled the speed limit of 3,2 miles per hour, at an incredible 12,8 miles per hour.

3. ... and the most expensive penalty

  • The world's most expensive fine was received by a 37-year-old Swede who drove his Mercedes-AMG SLS at 2010 km/h on a Swiss road in 290. The limit was 120 km/h. Since Switzerland imposes fines based on the offender's assets, the penalty was 1,08 million Swiss francs (approximately 1.05 million EURO).

4. Seat belts for everyone

  • The three-point seat belt, which is installed in all passenger cars today, was developed in 1959 by the Swedish Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin. Its Y-shaped design was intended to disperse energy from the body during an accident. Volvo, which owns the rights to the system, has made the patent freely usable so that every manufacturer can benefit from it. The invention was so important to them that they preferred to save lives with it rather than benefit from it. For your safety, always remember to wear your seat belt. Even if you are a passenger and are playing a game on your smartphone or placing a bet 20Bet place. You must buckle up!

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5. How many cars are produced each year?

  • According to Oica (International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers), around 2020 million passenger cars (ie no light commercial vehicles, buses and trucks) were produced worldwide in 78. The largest producer is China, which builds more than a third of all cars (33,9%). Brazil ranks ninth with around 2,5% of the world's passenger cars. The number of passenger cars currently exceeds one billion vehicles.

6. Belongings of Bugatti Owners

  • According to the former President of Bugatti, Wolfgang Dürheimer, the owners of cars from the brand have significant fortunes. He once stated that the average Bugatti customer owns about 84 cars, three airplanes and one yacht. With the La Voiture Noir, Bugatti even had a new car in its range for 11 million euros. By the way, a set of tires for a Bugatti costs almost 40.000 US dollars.

7. Journey to the moon

  • According to astronomer Fred Hoyle, if you drove a car straight to the moon at 95 km/h, it would take you just under six months to reach your destination. The moon is about 400.000 km away from the earth, which corresponds to ten times the earth's circumference. That means it would take as long to reach the moon as it would to go around the earth ten times.

8. First car accident

  • The first fatal accident occurred in 1869 involving a steam-powered vehicle when Irish scientist Mary Ward fell from her seat on a bend and a wheel went over her neck, killing her. The first accident involving a gasoline car occurred in Ohio (USA) in 1891. Engineer James Lambert was driving one of his inventions with his friend James Waveland as his passenger when he crashed into a root of a tree overhanging the road and lost control and crashed into a fence. Both men suffered minor injuries.

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9. New car smell

  • Nothing beats getting into a brand new car and smelling that new car smell. But did you know that this smell is artificially generated? Automakers have specialists responsible for creating an essence pleasing to the noses of future owners.

10. Most valuable

  • Tesla is currently the world's most valuable automaker with shares worth $185 billion. Tesla's push has been accelerated as regulations on exhaust emissions have become more stringent. A car can now emit up to 95 grams of CO₂ per kilometer driven. Last year, the automaker received $1,6 billion from other brands that are not yet as strong in the electric car market (zero emissions) as Ford and the FCA group.

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