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Test: Divoom Pixoo-Max Pixel Display for the vehicle?

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Divoom Pixoo Max Pixel Display Tuning 4 test: Divoom Pixoo Max Pixel Display for the vehicle?


Again and again we are asked whether it is true what we say in our contribution to Emoji Car Display (Smiley Display) claim. Namely that the funny parts are NOT allowed on the road? Even though they are in the vehicle. Yes, the statement is correct! Because §52 StVZO says what kind of additional lights may be installed on a car. And §49a StVZO states that "only the prescribed and the permitted lighting equipment may be attached to motor vehicles and their trailers". An emoji car display is definitely not one of them. And such a display is also not considered part of the interior lighting. At least not when it shines outwards so that other road users can see it. But for fun we ordered such a copy to give it a try.

not suitable for the car + prohibited

Divoom Pixoo Max Pixel Display Tuning 2 test: Divoom Pixoo Max Pixel Display for the vehicle?

And the result could be described with just three words: "It does not work!“We tried it with the so-called Pixoo-Max Pixel from Divoom, which explicitly pointed out to us that it can be used as an emoji car display. And the two large suction cups supplied as well as the car charging cable underpin this fact quite clearly as we find. But the well-made 18 × 18 cm display with 1024 LEDs including the stylish packaging is simply far too weak to achieve a noticeable light effect through the pane in daylight. And our vehicle with the darkened rear window was useless anyway, because here you could see the luminosity of the Pixoo-Max Pixel just halfway in a darkened room. Daylight or sun almost make the display disappear.

for the apartment “maybe” not bad

As a nice gadget for the apartment, it is definitely a cool thing, especially in view of the well-made, functional but unfortunately also very confusing app, pretty useless for the vehicle and moreover - as already mentioned - verboten. However, we would like to point out once again that this assessment only applies to use in the vehicle. On the other hand, as an eye-catcher in the living room, the office or wherever, the picture frame is really cool as we find. And with a price of just around € 50, it is not necessarily too expensive. The app mentioned is, by the way, compatible for Android and iOS. Since we at tuningblog only wanted to test the part with a view to the car, we do not want to comment on the use in various rooms at this point. You can find the complete vehicle test in the following video.

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ooono traffic alarm radar detector 310x165 test: Divoom Pixoo Max Pixel Display for the vehicle?

Tuning in detail - the ignition lock cover
in the car!

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Perfect sound up
to the workshop - Tronsmart T6 Plus

Tronsmart T6 Plus Upgraded Edition Test Experience 4 e1588161094216 310x165 Test: Divoom Pixoo Max Pixel Display for the vehicle?

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 test: Divoom Pixoo Max pixel display for the vehicle?

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