Wipe, vacuum and clean independently with the Dreame Bot W10

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Opinions differ when it comes to vacuuming. Very few readers, especially on tuningblog, have an opinion on it. After all, this is about cars, motorcycles and now and then about e-bikes! But you need a vacuum cleaner in one car dealer, in a Workshop, on one booth, at the Tuner around the corner and at other locations around the topic of vehicles. So we have no problem trying a vacuum cleaner and giving you our opinion. The issue is with household manufacturers in China Wipe currently big on the rise. It doesn't matter if it's one Handheld wiper vacuum cleaner , or Hybrid robot trades, the trend is clearly visible. Xiaomi's Dreame brand produces devices that are roughly similar to the Roborock G10. It is equipped with a self-cleaning station and wiping cloths that clean the robot after the cleaning process. The cleaning of the robot is fully automated.

The Dreame BotW10 is similar to the previous models that are already on the market. Xiaomi generally likes to build on previous models. The base from BotW10 comes from the Z10 Pro (For the test report, see the end of the post) With Suction station. After a look at the technical details, the Dreame Bot W10 as a vacuum cleaner does not offer any significant advantages over its predecessors. The Dreame Bot W10 would like to through its wiping function (with 19,2 cm long cleaning brushes) and with the Self-cleaning station Collect points.

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After wiping in the car wash

The Self-cleaning station is 43 inches wide, 40 inches high and 37,5 inches deep. In this self-cleaning station, the Dreame Bot W10 is cleaned and the water tank is automatically filled with fresh water. This is through two tanks possible. One of the tanks is for the dirty, the other for the fresh water. To sum up these tanks four liters. At the front of the station is a brush head appropriate. Dust and dirt end up in a 450 milliliter container. The brush head removes dirt and grime and moves it in the direction of the intake hood. There the dirt is absorbed by a suction force of 4.000 pa sucked in. In the rear area are the rotating wiper modules, which work with a pressure of 10 Newtons and 180 revolutions per minute.

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The two cleaning brushes are cleaned particularly well because they are rinsed with clean water. Then apply the clean, but still damp brushes with a 40 ° C warm air flow dried. The Dreame Bot W10 navigates through a room measurement using Laser and moves in straight lines. For this reason it should be ensured that is not vacuumed over a mopped floor. Even over a vacuumed floor should not be wiped. When using the wiping function, carpets should be avoided. The self-cleaning station also serves as a charging station.

The Summary to the Dreame Bot W10:

Is the new robot a new hybrid robot with a self-cleaning station and a lot of technology from the L10 Pro? The combination sounds good at first. The price is currently unknown, but it will be a bit higher and it will certainly be one of the most expensive Dreame robots to date. In China it is currently priced at 471,00 Euros required. With us you can go with just over 550,00 Euros calculate. But this is the price for the robot and the suction station. At this price, however, it is still in the cheap range for the industry average. Especially when you consider that according to Dreame up to 300 Quadratmeter Have large areas cleaned in one go

Product data:

model nameDream Bot W10
Priceestimated +550 €
suction4.000 pa
AppXiaomi Home (Android, iOS)
NavigateLaser room measurement
dust chamber450ml
Water tank for wiping function270ml
total timeunknown
Accumulator6.400 mAh
charging time5 hours
volumenot specified
3D obstacle detection of small objectsNo
Selective room divisionJa
Carpet detectionJa
Size:33,4 x 31,4 x 10,5 cm
CE markJa

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