Dreame H11 Max: Test of the new intelligent vacuum cleaner!

Dreame H11 Max test experiences


Vacuuming in car dealer, in Workshop, at Exhibition booth the auto show? No problem! We have discovered a model that is perfect for this. Surely most of you know it Dreamer already from the good vacuum cleaner robots (For test reports see below). But also cordless Battery operated vacuum cleaners should be familiar. Brand new in the offer is now a Vacuum cleaner - the so-called "Dreame H11 Max“- He does your major cleaning in the apartment not only quickly, but also thoroughly. Because he's with one Fresh water and a Recovery tank equipped.

We are aware that this is not a new invention these days. However, there is now such a wide variety of prices that a test of the model makes sense and is definitely worth it. In addition to the tanks named, the Dreame H11 Max has one Charging and self-cleaning station. When cleaning, the roller of the vacuum cleaner is moistened and it cleans the floor with up to 10000 pa. The dirty water is then sucked up and all that remains is a thin, moist strip, which of course dissolves quickly.

Technical details

There is one above the two tanks Info displaywhich provides information about the device and status. This has a size of 4,4 inch (approx. 11 cm). If the water level is too low or the dirty water tank is full, this is displayed immediately. The battery status and cleaning mode can also be read. The model's performance is 200 Watt. The vacuum cleaner has a water capacity of 900ml for the clean water. The waste water tank has a capacity of 500ml. According to the information, the battery lasts up to 36 minutes, however, we have found that during the self-test, depending on the cleaning mode, at most one maximum running time of 30 minutes was achieved.

Of course, it always depends on the intensity of the cleaning and the surface to be cleaned. Still, we consider this to be good value! In addition to the standard functions, the vacuum cleaner also has one language assistants. This is used to provide information about the current mode. The on / off switch and the button for the Self-cleaning function are on the handle. The existing sensor detects the contamination and adjusts the suction power.

Advantages and disadvantages

The simple application the teat is obvious. Especially those suction we think it's good. However, we would still have found it an advantage if the roll could be adjusted manually - for example with a stubborn ketchup stain - in order to be able to remove it faster or at all. Unfortunately, there is only the car mode, which means something like: a lot of dirt - a lot of power. In contrast to other models, however, the stair mode works perfect and without pausing when lifting.

Dreame H11 Max test experience 2

The brush part is however not so flexible like a hand wiper, so a smaller brush would be desirable in order to be able to clean smaller or narrower surfaces. And the H11 Max can only be bent backwards to a certain extent. Other vacuum cleaners usually have a kink, which makes it possible to clean even in difficult places such as under the sofa, the toilet or behind the bathroom furniture. Unfortunately, there is one lack of functionality for us, especially in the bathroom Point deductionbecause it does not get properly under the furniture. It is possible to vacuum the carpet or the couch with a damp cloth, but the question arises as to how useful this is.

The self-cleaning mode

In self-cleaning mode, the brush is used for cleaning with fresh water rotates. The vacuum cleaner reports when there is not enough fresh water. The vacuum cleaner is cleaned after just a few minutes. In the case of low levels of soiling, i.e. with standard cleaning, the self-cleaning function is activated no problem for the vacuum cleaner. With intensive use, however, the mode requires manual intervention, which does not require a great deal of time and is easy to do. It is important to mention that the dirty water tank should be cleaned as soon as possible. In the case of heavier soiling such as corn flakes or if you suck up a fallen egg, then the filter should be used can be washed out directly by hand.


In terms of workmanship and haptics, the Dreame H11 Max does not represent much of a difference to the more expensive competition on the market for us, which is perfectly fine. However, you should always take a closer look at devices of this type. In any case, this model is acceptable if you have PVC, tiles or laminate and want to save a lot of time on cleaning.

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