Tried: Dreame Bot Z10 Pro vacuum robot with suction!

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1

A vacuum cleaner on tuning blog? Don't worry, we're not going to become the home appliances blog. But we can certainly do a vacuum robot with the topic Car get in touch. Because this device is ideally suited for silent cleaning in the reception area of ​​the car dealership, in the office in the workshop and even the tiled vehicle hall can be cleaned with this device. So let's go, let's take a look Dreame Bot Z10 Pro vacuum robot more precisely. It is a vacuum cleaner robot that not only suck, but also wischen can and about a own suction station disposes. Since the individual vacuum cleaner robots from the upper class hardly differed from the different manufacturers, the manufacturers try to score points with additional technical finesse, such as a suction station of the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro. And we think the idea is very successful!

The Dreame Bot Z10 Pro in detail!

The device is delivered in a large square box, which also offers space for more than one vacuum cleaner robot. The large box is needed because of the suction station and because all parts excellently packaged are. And the two devices (vacuum cleaner and suction) are in no way inferior to the packaging. Both the suction station and the robot hoover are perfectly processed and convince high-quality optics, good gaps, no degree or uncleanliness.

The suction station sucks the dirt out of the internal dirt collecting container of the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro completely automatically. To do this, the robot vacuum cleaner simply drives over a ramp independently and as if by magic into the suction station. This process can, however, be heard clearly. But it works and actually sucks the cassette completely empty. (the cassette can also be cleaned manually)

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The power supply unit simply has to be plugged into the suction station and then the station is simply placed in a suitable location and off you go. Unfortunately, the suction station has to be provided with a bag, which is only available at an additional cost. However, some bags are included in the scope of delivery. But it would be better if the system would work without a bag. A bag only fits a maximum of 400 ml, so the bag is already full after a maximum of 10 complete emptying.

Dream Bot Z10 Pro

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro comes with its own app

A big advantage of Dream Bot Z10 Pro is that it can be operated and controlled with the in-house Xiaomi Home app. If there are other Xiaomi devices in the household, they can be combined directly in this app. The Xiaomi Home app works pretty well and vacuum cleaners from other brands, such as Roborock, can also be integrated into it. In contrast, many other manufacturers have even bigger problems with their apps.

For the first exploratory trip, it is best to create a complete map for the respective floor or apartment. After creating the map, the rooms can even be separated or joined manually. In any case, enough time should be invested in the To define rooms, Plan routes and No-go zones set up, for example with the wiper attached no carpeting is wiped. If you wish, you can also just very specific areas to clean. Manual control using a remote control is also no problem. With the app, you can even set up different cleaning time set and also the Suction strength and the water supply can be set directly. This allows for example Tile floors can be cleaned with the right amount of water and laminate floors, on the other hand, with less liquid.

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro App vacuum robot

The emptying can also be programmed. Either after every suction process or only every second or third time.

The vacuum robot from Dreame convinced us in the test. On the lower floor, it was basically flawless and cleaned all areas flawlessly. Nevertheless, it is important to note that wiping is more like one Wipe the dust than a real wipe. Therefore, heavy soiling such as dried ketchup, dried dirt or spilled syrup can hardly be removed and must be wiped away by hand. Still, the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro works pretty thoroughly and has something less than 2,5 hours a relatively good battery life. For him, obstacles up to 2 cm in height and hair of any kind are no problem at all. If the battery goes empty during work, the robot will recharge and then stop working, unless there is a specified blocking time (during which the robot is not allowed to suck).


  • The look and feel are great
  • many functions
  • good suction power
  • Corners are cleaned properly
  • long battery life
  • The suction station works very reliably
  • extensive app with many functions
  • very quiet and inconspicuous in normal mode
  • overcomes doorsteps very reliably
  • Can be controlled from anywhere via WiFi using an app


  • partly confused driving around (also driving back to the station) despite known map
  • The floor on which the ward is not located is sometimes only insufficiently cleaned and some rooms are not cleaned at all
  • sometimes very long cleaning times (25sqm = +20 minutes)
  • no bagless suction station
  • Wipe function only very superficial
  • The device regarded black deep-pile carpets as an obstacle

Here are a few facts about the company:

The company Dreame was founded in 2015 and specialized in cleaning equipment. In 2017, Dreame joined the Xiaomi Ecological Chain and has been building vacuum cleaners not only for its own brand, but also for Xiaomi since then. In return, Xiaomi also invested a substantial sum in the development of Dreame.

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro App 6 1

Our Summary about the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro:

Whether you need a suction station or not that is a matter of taste. In any case, consider the additional costs incurred for the bags in the suction station. It works but in any case it makes it easier! Basically, the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro is a successful complete device, which convinces with its app, the processing and the cleaning results. The device will be available in Germany from mid-August. Media Markt currently lists the vacuum cleaner including the station for 549 euros.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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