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Drugs at the wheel? Not a good idea! The consequences!

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Drugs at the wheel consequences driving license crime e1591380101666 Drugs at the wheel? Not a good idea! The consequences!


For many drivers, drugs behind the wheel are a minor offense, but that is definitely not the case. Because, similar to alcohol, someone is no longer able to drive after taking drugs. And the risk of endangering others is significantly higher than if you consume drugs in the apartment, which of course is not OK either. It is precisely for this reason that the legislature reacted and came up with some penalties, which can be found in the current catalog of fines. Everyone should be on drugs (especially chemical drugs) generally do without, but especially at the wheel. The driver must be fully operational, which is not the case with drugs and alcohol. A cup of hemp tea can prevent you from driving!

Consequences of drugs at the wheel?

Police catalog of fines tuning drugs at the wheel? Not a good idea! The consequences!

Here, the legislator differentiates between a test license holder and the one who already has it. Accordingly, the penalties are canceled, which we would like to briefly mention here. First of all, the penalties for owners of the final driver's license. Whoever committed a violation for the first time must expect a driving ban of one month. In addition, a fine of 500 euros is imposed and there are 2 points in Flensburg. In the second violation, there are also two points in Flensburg and a driving ban of three months must be expected. The fine then increases to 1.000 euros. Anyone who is struck by drugs on the road for a third time must hand in their driver's license for three months and again receive 2 points and a fine of 1500 euros.

Novice drivers are hit even harder

Drugs at the wheel consequences driving license crime 2 e1591380206423 Drugs at the wheel? Not a good idea! The consequences!

This looks even worse for novice drivers, because they can even expect their license to be withdrawn. This can happen with the third violation and is therefore the most severe punishment that is imposed by drug use at the wheel. In the case of the first violation, the trial period can be extended to up to four years. An advanced seminar must then also be attended, which increases the costs significantly. In the second violation, a warning is given and it is recommended to seek advice on traffic psychology. In these cases, these are in addition to the consequences mentioned above, additional consequences that are waiting for a driver. Because drugs on the road are just as bad as alcohol at the wheel. These are just the consequences without cause an accident.

What are the fines?

The fines start at 500 euros, which then applies to the first violation. For the second violation it is already 1000 euros and for the last violation 1500 euros. However, if there are other offenses, the fine is sometimes significantly more expensive. The size of the fines alone should give reason to think about drugs behind the wheel beforehand. Because these violations are punished more severely than if someone has drunk alcohol. It's always worth the drug-free drive, not just for people who have just received their driver's license.

What methods of measurement are there?

Drugs at the wheel consequences driving license crime 3 e1591380292318 Drugs at the wheel? Not a good idea! The consequences!

The methods to detect drugs are provided by means of sweat and saliva. Another method is to detect the drugs in urine or blood. However, there is an obstacle on the one hand, which is quickly cleared. The methods mentioned are voluntary at first sight, so they can be refused. The catch, if someone is conspicuous by their driving style, can still be tested. For the blood sample, a court order is required, which orders the withdrawal of blood. This is not necessarily the case when testing with saliva and sweat. Because here the police have sufficient suspicion to conduct such a test. So the tests are essentially similar to what they are for alcohol.

Better sober and without drugs!

Anyone who takes a closer look at the penalties and consequences should stay away from drugs and alcohol. Because both are bad and also represent a danger to other people. Otherwise, it is better to spend the money on a taxi, which is always cheaper and therefore cheaper and much safer. Because when someone is injured, everything looks very different. But of course we would like to leave the church in the village. There is certainly little to be said against smoking a water pipe at home if you are aware of the health consequences. With commercial tobacco, there is at least no risk of reacting positively to a drug test. One thing is certain: Driving sober is best! PS. If a driving ban has been issued, then there is certain conditions the possibility of submitting a so-called pardon to court. There is more on this topic in the following article! PPS: Do you know the most curious fines in road traffic in this country and abroad? We have summarized them:

Summarized the most important information:

Drug abuseFines (€)Pointsdriving ban
Violation 1500€ 21 Monat
Violation 21.000€ 23 months
Violation 31.500€ 23 months
  • Probationary period with drugs at the wheel:
    - Infringement 1: Trial period extended to 4 years + advanced seminar
    - Infringement 2: Warning + recommendation traffic psychological advice
    - Infringement 3: Withdrawal of driving license
  • Drugs at the wheel are criminal offenses
    - The more drugs, the more severe the penalties.
    - If road traffic is endangered, it is usually a criminal offense, with the consequence of a fine or imprisonment (driving license revocation possible), novice drivers in their probationary period receive further measures in addition to the general sanctions.
  • Riding a bike after consuming intoxicating substances can also bring you points and the withdrawal of your license.
  • Rapid drug test analyzes suspicious substances in sweat and saliva. (on a voluntary basis)
  • An ordered urine test with a justified initial suspicion can result in a judicial order for a blood test.
  • The police are authorized to order a blood sample without a court order:
    - if a criminal offense is suspected in accordance with Section 315a Paragraph 1 Number 1, Paragraphs 2 and 3, Section 315c Paragraph 1 Number 1 Letter a, Paragraphs 2 and 3 or Section 316 of the Criminal Code.
    - Section 81a (2) sentence 2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO)
    - The suspicion of having committed a traffic crime caused by intoxication is sufficient
  • Differences between hard drugs (cocaine, heroin, etc.) and soft drugs (cannabis)
    - Cannabis (THC) does not necessarily lead to an MPU
    - harder drugs (with a stronger influence on perception and coordination) = harder punishments.
  • regular "proven" drug consumption is enough so that the driving license is withdrawn (even if no bicycle, car or truck was driven)

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