True color night vision camera & dash cam: the Duovox Mate Pro!

True color night vision camera DuoVox Mate Pro 6


Poor visibility, primarily at night, is a risk factor that should not be underestimated when it comes to road safety. Because if you don't see a pedestrian or an obstacle early enough, you often can't brake in time, which can lead to an accident. That comes with solving the problem 2021 BYTL Night Vision System with dashcam in game. Thanks to the night vision function, the device enables every little movement far in front of the vehicle to recognize (we tried it). And this one Technology is now also available in the brand new Duovox Mate Pro in the game. This is a special camera designed to also at night to make excellent recordings. And why are we telling you this? Because the cam is also suitable, for example, for taking brilliant pictures of the vehicle for a possible sale. And especially when there are a few staged images in the dark should be, the Duovox Mate Pro is the first choice. In addition, she is even Dashcam used.

What kind of camera is the Duovox Mate Pro?

It is a camera with a Night vision function Is provided. Unlike others, the Duovox Mate Pro delivers an almost noise-free image with a resolution of 2K and a true-color photo at the same time, even in complete darkness (5 megapixel photos with a resolution of 3200×1800) as well as 1080p videos at 30 fps with no latency. Furthermore, the camera scores with its enormous Reach - while you can't see very far with a "normal camera", the Duovox Mate Pro is a range of over 300 meters (1.000 feet) possible.

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And the snapshot taken through the fast F0,9 aperture lens at night and displayed to the user is even more like a photo taken during the day. For comparison: The latest high-end smartphones already offer an extremely good picture at night, which is due to the excellent integrated cameras and high sensitivity. But with the Duovox Mate Pro it can no Record smartphone. In comparison, it is a thousand times more sensitive, which is noticeable in the form of a significantly better image.

The enormous sensitivity, only 0,0001 lux is required for an image, makes it possible that even smaller details can be clearly displayed at great distances. The image is processed by specially developed algorithms Real time further optimized using the MCCD 1/1,8" day/night real-time image sensor, for example in terms of contrast or general brightness. Another advantage is that it is will not is a huge unwieldy device, because the Duovax Mate Pro only measures 54 × 106 millimeters weighing only 400 grams.

Why buy the Duovox Mate Pro?

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The Duovox Mate Pro with your seven lenses and integrated IR filter can be used in many different areas - in other words, wherever a camera is needed that delivers a clear image even in the dark. And thanks to the long battery life, even longer videos are completely unproblematic. Thanks to the battery, which has a capacity of 3000mAh available, up to four hours of recording are possible. You can view the photo or video on a 3 inch high definition touch screen. The camera can also be connected to a smartphone and other devices with a WLAN connection. And another nice gimmick. Monitor you can view the surroundings, such as the garage entrance, with the cam in HD quality. And even with integrated AI facial recognition.

Can also be used as a dash cam!

Particularly interesting is the use as Dashcam. The high resolution and brightness makes driving on particularly dark and confusing roads safer. Finally, the camera shows an image that is very similar to driving during the day, which makes it easier to see people, other vehicles and other obstacles. The lag-free 2K display of the DuoVox Mate Pro makes exactly that possible. It can be mounted easily with the M6 pilot hole on the dashboard of the vehicle or directly on the windshield. Areas of application of the cam are: wildlife spotting, camping, hiking, boating, surveillance and security surveillance, dash cam, etc.

the specifications of the DuoVox Mate Pro:

  • 2K HD touch display
  • MCCD 1/1,8" day-night real-time imaging sensor
  • supports up to 512 GB via external MicroSD memory card
  • supports all major languages
  • 12mm f/0,9 aperture
  • 54 mm x 106 mm
  • 400 grams easily
  • LED light - 3-level dimming possible
  • Battery life - 4 hours
  • Operating temperature -10°~60°

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