ECOCUT pro - wiping the windscreen wiper in the test

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Re-cutting ECOCUT pro windscreen wiper Test report 4 ECOCUT pro windscreen wiper re-cutting test


A few years ago, Adnan Alibegovic and Mario Kronberg from Rastatt drew attention to themselves with the “EcoCut pro”. The idea: Do not buy a new windscreen wiper, but replace it cheaply! As is known, windshield wipers are exposed to extreme conditions on a daily basis. Diverse weather, some aggressive dirt, temperature differences of over 70 degrees, sticky insect remains and to it always the friction on the windshield or the rear window. With the EcoCut pro, it is now possible to make old and worn windscreen wipers workable in just a few minutes. This eliminates the sometimes expensive purchase of new wiper blades. We from have tried the EcoCut pro and tried to make our old windshield wipers fit for the upcoming winter. And even after unpacking you realize, the EcoCut pro is quite high quality and has an attractive feel. There is a small manual and only 5 minutes later, the old wipers for the next period already be ready.

important is the correct position

Re-cutting ECOCUT pro windscreen wiper Test Repeat 5 ECOCUT pro windscreen wiper in test

Application: According to the instructions, the wiper blade is cleaned in advance with the supplied sponge. This is done so that no dirt gets into the device and a clean cut is guaranteed. We are using the EcoCut pro for the first time so that the Leadership 1 was used for the cut of the wiper lip. If that does not work right the first time, do not give up. Our graphic should clarify which part of the wiper blade in the EcoCut pro must be introduced so that the function is given.

Re-cutting ECOCUT pro windscreen wiper Test Repeat 3 ECOCUT pro windscreen wiper in test

Here it hooks for the first time using something like, until the EcoCut pro final is positioned. The rest is then a breeze. The device gives a slight pressure while pulling in the direction of the arrow on the wiper blade and finished. It will cut off a strip about 0,5 millimeters thin and continue with the next wiper. Again, light pressure on the device, and already the blade slides along the rubber. However, we must note that both wiper blades have kept a small "rubber nose" at the end after the first cut. No end of the world, but overlooks that and obstructs the wipers with the small nose, the optimal wiping result is likely to fail. Another short "cut" removed the nose without any problems.

During our test, a small nose stopped

Re-cutting ECOCUT pro windscreen wiper Test Repeat 4 ECOCUT pro windscreen wiper in test

And the application is identical even with an existing rear window wiper. In our car, this was not installed. According to the manufacturer, the wipers can be renewed with the Schneider 2 x, which puts the purchase of the EcoCut Pro into perspective. In addition, the blades of the EcoCut Pro are even suitable for up to 20 applications. With costs amounting to 12,95 € including shipping, the EcoCut Pro is quite favorable. Especially with regard to new windscreen wipers. After all, the BOSCH AEROTWIN A582S windscreen wipers we use cost a whopping 34,99 € for the pair. The cheapest option is still 14,69 €. Original wiper from the vehicle manufacturer are even significantly more expensive. In view of the repeated possibility to use including rear wiper, the EcoCut Pro is definitely a good way to save money and the environment. Following our video about the EcoCut Pro. Tip: Are the windshield wipers slowing down? Then you can only do it Clean and only when you are really flat, WresentAnd in winter you should pay attention to the right antifreeze windscreen cleaner, all information is available in our article on windshield frost protection.

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