The portable solar power generator EcoFlow DELTA PRO

Solar power generator EcoFlow DELTA PRO 2022 test report experiences camping 2


The EcoFlow DELTA PRO is a portable solar power generator that sets new standards in mobile energy supply and, in addition to use in the home, also for the mobile home is an extremely interesting way of supplying electricity. It can be charged in a variety of ways: with a solar panel, at the domestic socket or simply in car via the cigarette connection. It thus represents the future of portable energy storage that can be charged quickly, but also works without a technical power source using sunlight alone.

Areas of application of the EcoFlow DELTA PRO

The easy-to-handle solar power generator is preferably used in the outdoor area for use, but it can also be used at home, in the hobby room and in the garden. It proves to be an extremely reliable aid, especially in emergency situations, such as sudden power failures. about a Smart home panels the generator can be connected directly to the domestic power supply. However, as already mentioned, we see as car magazine the area of ​​application especially Camping and vacationing with a mobile home. Because there is more than enough capacity for exactly that. Being on the road independently for days is no problem with the EcoFlow DELTA PRO.

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The EcoFlow DELTA PRO has the enormous capacity of 3,6 kWh and one Inverters with 3,6 kW. Both in connection - the high capacity and the load capacity - mean that the generator can supply electricity to almost all relevant devices. In the household, that would be about Refrigerator and Light or the home electronics, in the home and craftsmen's area they are electrically operated Tools. Emergency Paramedics and Medics (also medical lay rescuers) can even reliably operate medical devices with it, so that it can also be used in one ambulance is imaginable. But as already mentioned, camping enthusiasts in particular have a great benefit. You can electric grilling or cooking and therefore have to no more gas carry in the vehicle. In our eyes, this is a very high security aspect! The camper's heating system can also be operated with it.

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This means that the removal of the gas bottle can be used directly for the EcoFlow DELTA PRO. This even ensures that neither a significant additional weight nor additional space has to be created. Both the weight and the size are comparable to a conventional gas bottle/gas system in the camper. And at the latest when that light in the tent and the operation of the radio, computer or beamer is ensured by the EcoFlow DELTA PRO, nobody will miss the gas bottle anymore. If you have to do without a socket outdoors for a long time, you will enjoy this convenience very much. Devices for media transmission in particular do not require too much electricity, so that the Eco Flow DELTA PRO supplies the necessary electricity for an extremely long time - too nachts, if it is not charged by the sun. Because the latter is easily possible using optional solar panels. These are either set up manually or installed permanently on the roof of the camper. However, we recommend prior consultation with a testing company regarding the options for fastening.

extreme charging speed with the power station

Who the EcoFlow DELTA PRO at the socket at home or at the rest stop charges, is happy about the extremely high charging speed: thanks to the X Stream Charge technology EcoFlow only takes a discharged battery to 80% of its capacity one hour and on 100% only 100 Minutes. The manufacturer is thus supplying the current version for the EcoFlow DELTA PRO fastest power station at all (As of February 2022). And as already mentioned, charging is also via the 12/24V cigarette lighter possible in the car or truck.

However, a good 21 hours are then required for 100%. However, this is due to the design completely understandable and due to the technology of the vehicle. A highlight: the necessary electricity can also come from the electric car, which is an absolute innovation for a power station. The multicharge technology creates a charging capacity of 6.500 watts!

Charging via the universal solar input

If no technical power source is available, the EcoFlow DELTA PRO is charged via its own, as already mentioned solar panel and the universal solar input. This delivers up to 1.600 watts of solar energy. In this case, full charging takes time depending on the amount of sunlight four to eight hours, so it is much faster than by car. Normally, you will either charge the power station with sunlight during the day while driving or when camping on site, during the day. At night you can be supplied with electricity and live carefree.

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Before the next outdoor adventure, you can simply charge it up quickly at your home socket or at one of the many sockets on the campsite. The options mentioned always allow the EcoFlow Delta Pro to be charged and operated - of course also off-grid, because that is the main purpose of the clever design. The device that we received currently costs 3.799 Euros, which of course is anything but cheap. However, the EcoFlow DELTA PRO convinces with its huge capacity, the versatility and the extremely long service life under normal circumstances. The scope of delivery of the device that we received includes, in addition to the EcoFlow DELTA Pro AC 220V mains charging cable, 12V car charger and a Solar charging cable XT60 to MC4. Furthermore, a DC5521 to DC5525 adapter, an adapter for the Delta Pro smart battery, a handle cover, the Manual and the warranty card there.

incredible compatibility

Solar power generator EcoFlow DELTA PRO 2022 test report experiences camping 26

The EcoFlow DELTA PRO also sets new standards in terms of its compatibility, because it has 13 outputs for all conceivable connections. That includes four AC outlets 230 V / 3,6 kW, two USB-C– and four USB-A ports (two normal, two for fast charge), one 12V cigarette lighter socket and two DC5521 circular connector. Everything can be charged with it, including smartphones and tablets. The device batteries can be charged while the EcoFlow DELTA PRO itself is being recharged (e.g. by the sun). The built-in inverter operates common household appliances or tools up to 3600 W continuous power (7200 W peak power) without any problems and even if desired simultaneously. And the LCD display makes handling the EcoFlow DELTA PRO easier because it shows all the functions at a glance, such as the charging and discharging times, the temperature, the battery status and all performance measurements.

Last, but not least: safe operation

  • The EcoFlow DELTA PRO is safe. It is equipped with an overload protection, which protects it when exceeding 20 amperes when charging switches off automatically. This corresponds to the protection in a normal household. High and low temperature protection between -20 and +45 °C is also integrated. If the two thresholds are exceeded or not reached, the EcoFlow DELTA PRO stops all input and output functions. If the temperature moves back into the tolerance range, it automatically resumes its work. All information about the device can be seen on an LCD display with charging / discharging time, temperature and battery status.

At the end... The EcoFlow DELTA PRO completely convinces us, especially when it comes to camping. And the fact that the device (together with others) can be integrated into the house installation in winter when you are not camping and thus becomes part of the private emergency power solution rounds off the overall package perfectly!

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The portable solar power generator EcoFlow DELTA PRO!
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