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EcoFlow introduces PowerOcean DC Fit and presents the Home Energy Ecosystem at Solar Solutions Düsseldorf 2023!

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Optimize your energy needs with EcoFlow energy solutions for home use!

EcoFlow, a leading green energy solutions company, is proud to be on the Solar Solutions Düsseldorf 2023 to present the PowerOcean DC Fit from November 29th to 30th. The event will also feature demonstrations of the PowerInsight Home Manager and PowerPulse EV Charger, marking the expansion of the EcoFlow Home Energy Ecosystem.

EcoFlow PowerOcean DC Fit & Home Energy

EcoFlow introduces PowerOcean DC Fit and presents the Home Energy Ecosystem at Solar Solutions Düsseldorf 2023!

In June 2023, EcoFlow presented the PowerOcean Three-Phase and the PowerOcean DC Fit at ees 2023 in Munich and received excellent feedback for the ease of installation and exceptional performance. Building on this success, EcoFlow announces the availability of the PowerOcean DC Fit, an innovative retrofit solution tailored to existing solar systems and expanding the PowerOcean product range. The upcoming PowerInsight Home Manager and PowerPulse EV Charger aim to improve home energy management and charging of electric vehicles and complement the EcoFlow Home Energy Ecosystem.

PowerOcean DC Fit

Seamless retrofitting & broad compatibility! The PowerOcean DC Fit represents an innovation with its PV coupling technology that enables direct integration into existing home solar systems, eliminating the need for a separate storage inverter. At the same time, compatibility with a large number of solar inverters currently on the market is guaranteed.

Modular structure & flexible investment

The modular design of the PowerOcean DC Fit enables tailor-made expansion from a 5kWh battery pack up to 15kWh to meet individual energy needs. The expansion is notable for requiring only a single battery pack to begin with, providing a simpler investment path than other solutions.

Easy setup & reduced installation times

Thanks to EcoFlow's pioneering PV coupling technology, the PowerOcean DC Fit can be connected directly to the solar modules. This simplifies the installation process by eliminating the complexity of AC wiring and significantly reducing installation times. Additionally, PowerOcean DC Fit bypasses the often lengthy process of obtaining grid connection permits, further speeding up installation.

Industry-leading security and reliability

EcoFlow underlines its commitment to customer satisfaction with a dedicated local service team in Germany that provides comprehensive pre- and post-purchase technical support to both installers and consumers. Accessibility is a priority, with a dedicated hotline and live chat service available weekdays from 8am to 20pm, as well as prompt email follow-ups. EcoFlow also fosters partnerships through extensive training resources and testing programs to build a solid, collaborative network with local partners.

PowerInsight & PowerPulse

The EcoFlow Home Energy Ecosystem introduces the PowerInsight Home Energy Manager and the PowerPulse EV charger. The PowerInsight Home Energy Manager with a 10-inch touch display not only monitors energy consumption in the home in real time, but also manages consumption and controls home appliances to optimize energy efficiency and reduce costs. In addition, the PowerPulse EV charger, which can be synchronized with the PowerOcean series, delivers a fast charging power of 11 kW, giving electric vehicles a range of up to 65 miles in just one hour. With safety at the forefront, PowerPulse is equipped with thermal sensors for continuous condition monitoring, ensuring comprehensive protection for vehicles and homes.


The PowerOcean Three-Phase has been available in Germany since the end of September. Both PowerInsight and PowerPulse will be available in early 2024. The PowerOcean DC Fit will be available in April 2024 and EcoFlow will announce the availability of the PowerOcean Single-Phase at a later date. Further information can be found on the EcoFlow website.

About EcoFlow

EcoFlow is a leading green energy solutions company with a vision to create energy for a new world. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has been committed to becoming a reliable and trusted energy companion for individuals and families around the world by providing accessible and renewable energy solutions for home, outdoor and mobile environments. Today, with operational headquarters in the United States, Germany and Japan, EcoFlow supports more than 2,5 million users in over 100 markets worldwide.

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EcoFlow introduces PowerOcean DC Fit and presents the Home Energy Ecosystem at Solar Solutions Düsseldorf 2023!

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EcoFlow introduces PowerOcean DC Fit and presents the Home Energy Ecosystem at Solar Solutions Düsseldorf 2023!
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