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Entertainment tuning 2018: loads of fun on the go

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Entertainment tuning 2018: loads of fun on the go


The car is primarily a vehicle, that much should be clear. But it can't be all that it takes to get passengers from A to B as quickly as possible: after all, there are plenty of other options for enjoying yourself on the go - while the driver is, of course, doing his job carefully.

Digital worlds also open on the go

Sometimes nothing works at all on the road: there is traffic jam for kilometers, which delays the journey by hours. The radio does not offer enough entertainment value to bridge such dead phases, and even against the boredom during other waiting times there was hardly any herb in the old days: What to do if the back seat mutates to the most desolate place in the world during an eternally long journey? The answer is in digital entertainment tuning!

In the past, these small DVD sets in a double pack, which were mounted on the back of the front neck supports, had an absolute high season. The passengers in the rear almost felt like they were in the cinema! However, the displays were not suitable for happy gaming, they just stubbornly nibbled away the inserted film and did not even establish a connection to the Internet. Today, mobile WiFi in the car is almost commonplace, so that not only the smartphone goes online, but also the tablet. And it is in particular the tablet, which is losing its importance, that is in top form in the car.

Video streaming and gaming in the car on the rise

Equipped accordingly, you can spend an entire day in the car in the car, with a colorful mix of Netflix or Amazon Prime films. Don't worry anymore that the DVDs might not be enough on the go - to compensate, however, the opportunity to choose a film that is completely different from what was originally planned. There are also new opportunities for in-car gaming: fans of multiplayer games such as Fortnite, Minecraft or League of Legends can continue their game on the go via the World Wide Web. The virtual puzzle also keeps getting new inputs from the internet.

Online poker is also very popular, the digital card game offers the chance for a short but powerful adrenaline rush »to go«. A few years ago, particularly fast variants were developed that promise quick non-stop action so that the player can accommodate as much poker fun as possible in the shortest possible time. Tailor-made entertainment fun for annoying waiting times, when, for example, the passengers need again and again to finally get into the car. True to the motto: Swap annoying boredom for a lot of action!

Integrated displays - directly from the factory or »self-made«

Not everyone cares about the big, wide game world, some people prefer to read an online newspaper comfortably or dive into their favorite social network if time is getting too long. This also no longer necessarily has to be done on the too small smartphone display, but there have long been more practical, large-format solutions! Tesla has done it again: Adjusted from (almost) all buttons and switches, the Model 3 came into the spotlight, equipped with a borderless display, that seems to float in the middle of the dashboard. The horizontal touch screen measures 15 inches and its diverse functions delight Tesla fans all over the world. IPad fans have long imitated this clever move in their own way: with the help of the associated dash kit, they integrate their Apple tablet into the interior of their car so that it always remains available on the go and is guaranteed not to fall off. It even looks really classy! Console players are now even installing their PS4 in the car, but only experienced tuning fans who are familiar with electrical installations can do this. The thought of finally being able to reach for the controller in the rear of the car to play Spider-Man or Horizon Zero Dawn to your heart's content seems extremely tempting!

Entertainment tuning 2018: loads of fun on the go
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Even more gaming action and browsing pleasure

Anyone who reaches for the VR expansion of their Playstation is immersed in three-dimensional fantasy worlds, while the freeway kilometers pass by outside. Samsung even managed to make its Gear VR compatible with smartphones, so that virtual reality can now also be experienced with a cell phone and appropriate glasses. Brand new VR games from 2018 such as Space Junkies, Beat Saber and Budget Cuts are already an exciting item in the car entertainment program. However, if you prefer to watch other gamers playing, turn to one of the numerous Twitch channels that broadcast gaming action day and night. Of course, YouTube streaming is just as possible as browsing through Instagram and Pinterest or looking for recipes for the evening after the trip.

The entertainment culture has definitely changed and it is finally finding its way into the interior of our cars. Long journeys are fun for everyone who does not necessarily have to sit on the steering wheel. But of course it is also possible to change drivers, so that everyone gets a turn on PS4, iPad and Co.

Entertainment tuning 2018: loads of fun on the go

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Entertainment tuning 2018: loads of fun on the go

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Entertainment tuning 2018: loads of fun on the go

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Entertainment tuning 2018: loads of fun on the go

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Entertainment tuning 2018: loads of fun on the go

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Entertainment tuning 2018: loads of fun on the go

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