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We have a sentence for you Foot mats tried for the car. And not just any floor mats, but fit made car carpets by Eva Car Mats. Those are with costs in the range of about 130 € while anything but cheap, the perfect Fitting and the other properties were definitely convincing in our test (see video). But what exactly makes the Eva Car Mats special? According to the manufacturer, they are "THE DEFINITION OF PERFECT FIT". They should make you forget the usual standard mats. The Eva Car Mats are based on hand-measured templates manufactured and designed to provide the highest level of fit and ground coverage.

up to 99% of the floor is covered

Eva Car Mats speaks of up to 99% of the floor to be covered by the mats. Of course, this always depends on the vehicle. By the way, the floor mats are real All Weather Mats, meaning no spills, snow, mud or other debris will pose a problem. To achieve that flowed about 10.000 hours Tests into the development to achieve the best possible combination of elegant looks and functional perfection. The result is a product that insensitive to temperature fluctuations in the range from -50 °C to 50 °C and can easily cope with dirt and liquids of all kinds 365 days a year. In addition, the mats convince with a ANTI-SLIP SURFACE and the integrated Velcro fastener "on all mats" ensures that slipping is virtually impossible.

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In addition, the unique cell structure ensures a easy cleaningby just tapping the back of the mat a few times so that the dirt flies out of the cells. Alternatively, the EVA mats can even be used with a Pressure Washer be cleaned because the high density of the material (60 shore hardness) holds the mat securely together. And another important factor is the fact that the EVA polymer odorless and not toxic is. Due to its anti-allergic properties, it has also proven itself over the years in various applications (eg in the production of floor mats for children's playgrounds). And you can see in our video whether the Eva Car Mats actually keep what they promise.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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