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Notifiable tuning: Information on eVB and insurance coverage

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EVB number Tuning insurance Tuning subject to registration: Information about eVB and insurance coverage

Tuning should be fun and not result in fines or even expenses due to conflicts with the insurance company. However, if you are not careful, you will fall into the cost trap faster than expected. If a measure endangers road safety, it can be really expensive. Vehicle owners should therefore carefully inform themselves about all regulations before making changes to their vehicle. If a change in insurance coverage is foreseeable, a new eVB number is required, among other things. Information and tips arranged below.

Tuning without hassle: Insurance companies want to be informed

In our guide, we have stated that motor vehicle insurance plays an elementary role in terms of vehicle tuning measures.Will the insurance pay for it or will it be more expensive with autotuning“Already made clear. Changes to the vehicle must generally be reported to the motor vehicle insurance company. And always before the vehicle is changed. It doesn't matter whether it's tuning the interior, the chassis or the body. Also Performance increases are notifiable.

Recognize chip tuning Lupe Notifiable tuning: Information on eVB and insurance coverage

If the insurer is not informed about the tuning, there is a risk of loss of insurance cover in the event of damage. In the event of an accident, insurance companies could even claim reimbursement, so that it can be expensive for the insured in many ways. In spite of risk surcharges, which tuning measures often entail, timely notification to the insurer is a must. Depending on the effects of the tuning measure, a Entry in the vehicle documents and a Approval by TÜV due.

eVB: New proof of insurance cover

As soon as a change in insurance coverage is expected due to a tuning measure, a Proof of insurance coverage be provided. This can be the case, among other things, if the vehicle class changes. "This means that a new eVB number must be applied for from the insurance company and a corresponding report must be made at the vehicle registration office," explains the editors at - a portal for applying for electronic insurance confirmation, eVB for short, which provides comprehensive information on its intended use in a guide.

evb number online immediately notifiable tuning: information on eVB and insurance coverage

The eVB number is a seven-digit number-letter combination that has replaced the cover card or double card. The number confirms that you have valid motor vehicle liability insurance. It has significantly accelerated vehicle registration and is sent to a central database by the vehicle insurers. The generated number can then be called up at the registration offices so that proof of insurance cover is provided. Information about the eVB number at a glance:

  • The number as well as its application are free.
  • It becomes insured after taking out a motor vehicle liability policy by SMS or email delivered.
  • The letters I and O are not used due to the risk of confusion with numbers.
  • Since car comprehensive insurance is not mandatory, the eVB number is irrelevant.
  • eVB numbers are three Valid months.
  • As soon as a car has been registered with the eVB number, insurance cover exists. This means that the vehicle is already insured on the way from the registration office.
  • The eVB number for private individuals is no longer required after approval. It is for that single use intended.
  • If further proof of insurance coverage has to be provided due to technical changes, a new eVB number must be requested.
  • A separate eVB number is required for each vehicle.

Tips for changing insurance here summarized!

If a pure motor vehicle liability insurance has been taken out, the provisional insurance cover is limited to damage caused to third parties. If their own vehicle is also damaged, the insured must pay for it themselves. Anyone who wants extended protection needs partial or even fully comprehensive insurance.

Be careful with accessories: the operating permit may be missing

Police fine catalog tuning Notifiable tuning: Information on eVB and insurance coverage

If accessories are installed that have no official approval, problems with insurance cover are inevitable. If the tuned vehicle is driven with such parts in traffic, this is a violation of this Section 19 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) before (source The reason: The vehicle is driven without an operating permit due to the unapproved parts. In the event of a control, the administrative offense "Driving without an operating license“Punished with a fine. Among other things, the operating license can expire due to the following circumstances:

  • Modification of the exhaust system and engine, which negatively changes the noise and exhaust behavior of the car in terms of the StVZO.
  • Other road users are endangered by changes to the vehicle, which can be the case with wheels and brakes, among other things.
  • Installation regulations for technical changes were disregarded.

The audit company Dekra explains in a comprehensive tuning guide about elementary facts that vehicle enthusiasts should consider before taking appropriate measures. The advisor can be found below free download.

Noise measurement Loudness measurement Noise level Police Notifiable tuning: Information on eVB and insurance coverage

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