Invisibly installed: FITCAMX dashcam in the BMW 5 Series (G30)

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FITCAMX dashcam experiences test report 3


It's been a good four years since the BGH officially announced that videos from dashcams in road traffic could be used as evidence are permitted (VI ZR 233/17). Since then, at the latest, sales of the popular small recorders have also skyrocketed in this country. So what has long been normal in the USA, Russia or China is now being used in more and more vehicles in Germany. But the possibilities of implementation could not be more different. In current vehicles such as a Tesla Model Y, depending on the equipment and year of manufacture, the standard cams can be used as a dashcam (guard mode). In older cars, on the other hand, retrofitting is unavoidable if traffic events are to be recorded.

FITCAMX dash cam

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We at tuningblog have tried many dashcams in recent years (e.g. Duovox Mate Pro, Neoline X-COP 9100s & 9300S, BYTL Night Vision System, Vantrue N4, Nightscape 1080p, ROAV Dash Cam C1 PRO etc.), but in our opinion everyone had “a problem". Because no matter how hard you try on the part of the manufacturer, a invisible installation was never really possible. There was always something somewhere, like a holder with a suction cup, a cable, a stand or a plug in the cigarette lighter, that connected the interior of the vehicle spoil. For many this may be a negligible point, for us who are looking for a "clean and unfussyHowever, if there are no interfering brackets or cables on the windscreen in the interior, these things are a visual problem. But the manufacturer FITCAMX has taken on exactly this topic!

perfectly integrated into the interior

In addition to conventional dashcams and rearview mirrors with built-in cam, FITCAMX also manufactures plug-and-play models for installation in the rain sensor area. The FITCAMX Dashcam receives its power supply directly from the mentioned rain sensor (or the automatically dimming rear-view mirror) and scores particularly well with the hidden wiring as the easy installation.

In principle, the power supply only says "Unplug and plug in a new plug“ and thus exists no needto remove the A-pillar and tap into the car's fuse box or cigarette lighter. In addition, the housing of the cam has one OEM style optics and retrofitting with the standard cover is also possible. On top of that, the driver's line of sight not limited and if you don't know, you won't notice that the dashcam is installed in the vehicle at all.

all "usual" functions available

In terms of technology, the FITCAMX dashcam is in no way inferior to a standard dashcam. And optionally, even a small one Backup camera to get integrated. This is connected directly to the front camera and not separately to the power supply. For our test, however, we only ordered the front camera and installed it in a current BMW 5 Series. She owns one f/1.6 lens with large aperture and CMOS sensor für eine 4K video quality with 2160p/30 fps.

FITCAMX dashcam experiences test report 5

For this there is the so-called WDR technology, to be able to recognize license plates and road signs even in low or particularly bright light. And there is one too  APP in different languages ​​(also in German) as well as the possibility of using Wifi (Wi-Fi) to connect the FITCAMX dash cam. Here's how to download the videos stored on the SD card or share them directly (such as on social media). The app is available for Android and IOS. Further functions are:

  • G-Sensor & Lock: automatically detects a collision while driving and the relevant video is saved and not overwritten.
  • Loop recording: the oldest videos are automatically overwritten with the newest ones when the capacity of the memory card is reached (max. 128 GB SD card). When the car starts, the cam will turn on automatically. When the car is locked, it turns itself off.
  • Optional parking mode: However, this function requires a connection to the fuse box for permanent plus.
  • Camera for the interior: A small camera is also available for the cabin.

We tried out whether and how the FITCAMX dashcam works and summarized it in a short video. In addition, two instructions for installation are linked in our video. At the end... Anyone looking for a good dashcam without unnecessary frills, which is also almost invisible and can be installed in a short time, is well served with the FITCAMX dashcam.

technical details:

Type4K single front cam2K dual cam4K dual cam
CPUNovatek 96670Novatek 96670Novatek 96670
Front resolution2160P(4K)1440P(2K)2160P(4K)
rear resolution/1080p (FHD)1080p (FHD)
video fix8MPFront 4 MP + Rear 2 MPFront 8 MP + Rear 2 MP
WideFront 170°Front 170°+ Rear 140°Front 170°+ Rear 140°
Maximum apertureFront f/1.6Front 1:1,6 + Rear 1:2,0Front 1:1,6 + Rear 1:2,0
WiFi2,4 GHz2,4 GHz2,4 GHz
video codeH.265H.265H.265
AppApple iOS & AndroidApple iOS & AndroidApple iOS & Android
Install front camNo wiringNo wiringNo wiring
Install rear cam/Fixed cable from the front camFixed cable from the front cam
Parking modeFixed cable to fuse boxFixed cable to fuse boxFixed cable to fuse box
Loop recording options1 & 3 minutes1 & 3 minutes1 minute
collision detectionJaJaJa


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