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Not only cars, but also trucks can be upgraded or tuned. Such upgrades are often necessary because without one Driver card No trucks may be driven, at least not for commercial purposes. So it is one of the most important work tools of every truck driver. But what exactly does the term driver card mean? Who can get it and what for? How is it applied for? And why exactly do truck drivers need them? The answers to these questions can be found here.

Understanding the driver card

Every driver card in the transport sector is personal. This means that every truck driver needs his own driver card and must use it consistently. It looks like a bank card and contains a memory chip. With the help of this memory chip, every truck driver has to prove details of his activity. These are driving, working, standby and rest times. If a check is pending, for example by the police or customs, the driver card must be issued immediately in order to be able to prove compliance with all legal regulations in the context of the driver's activity. All persons carrying commercial goods with a vehicle with a total weight of about 3,5 tons, and within a radius of more than 50 kilometers need to transport them around the company headquarters.

The digital driver card

The data mentioned was also recorded earlier, at that time still analogue, with a speedometer disc. Since the digital age took hold, driving data in the transport industry has primarily been tracked using a digital tachograph such as the one from Fleetgo. Although analog recording is still permitted by law, it is usually only used in older vehicles. Because digital solutions offer a lot of advantages. All data relating to the transport of goods, for example the kilometers traveled and routes, can be better tracked digitally than analogue. Storing data is also easier to do digitally and saves space. Every transport company is included Committedto retain the requested data for a certain period of time. Checks can take place at any time. Anyone who does this with a digital tachograph saves all data electronically. All you have to do is read the driver card regularly, which can be done either using a chip card reader or via WLAN download.

How to apply for a driver card

Anyone who applies for a driver card for the first time should contact the responsible issuing office. Depending on the federal state, this can be for example DEKRA, TÜV or the Federal Motor Transport Authority, in short KBA, be. Employed drivers are usually supported in this process by the employer. He should have the information regarding responsibility. It takes about two weeks for the application to be approved and for the driver card to be ready for collection. The driver must submit a number of supporting documents with the application. These are proof of residence, copies of photo ID and driver's license as well as a biometric photo.

If the driver card has been successfully obtained, it is valid for a period of time of five years. Then a new card must be applied for. This is possible six months before the old card expires at the earliest. Follow-up applications usually require a reduced processing time of only around one week, but you should still in time submit the new application. Because without a valid driver card you are definitely not allowed to get behind the wheel. The costs for issuing a driver card are based on the fee regulations of the respective federal states. Is about with a cost of 30 to 45 Euro to count.

What else needs to be considered

Incidentally, a double application for driver cards is required not possible. Each truck driver may only have one driver card. The card is also allowed not be passed on. If the document is lost, the loss must be reported to the issuing authority immediately. This blocks the card immediately to prevent misuse. Anyone who violates one of these regulations has to deal with a Fines (€) calculate, which can be sensitive. The driver himself pays about 250 Euros. Depending on the violation, the company must also pay a fine of around the 750 Euros lies.

A conclusion:

Driver cards are not only control but also protection instruments. Of course there is Evidence with regard to working hours. However, through follow-up, drivers are also ahead Exploitation and overreaching protected by companies. The establishment of the digital driver card makes it easier for everyone involved to provide evidence and follow-up, and ultimately brings order to the offices of haulage companies.

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