New teams for Formula 1: application process launched


Formula 1 will probably grow. The automobile association FIA has announced that new teams should be given the opportunity to join Formula 1. This should be done on the basis of a uniform and clearly comprehensible application process. For the 2025 season, up to two new teams could enter Formula 1. There are already numerous prospects who are being evaluated as part of the new application process and two of whom will be selected. This article explains the importance of the application process for Formula 1 and presents the criteria set by the FIA. © Peter Fischer CCO Public Domain

Growth in Formula 1

Formula 1 will get bigger. As early as the 2025 season, more teams, more cars and more drivers could take part in the world championship than before. Already today the growth of the competition is impressive and more and more racing teams are attracted to the Formula 1 World Championship. It can be assumed that up to 12 teams will drive in the future. In the current season, 23 teams with 10 drivers take part in the 20 races.

The addition of new teams could breathe new life into the competition. Additional teams bring more talent and possibly also new technological impetus. For motorsport fans, new favorites may even line up at the starting line. In the betting shops, the cards are also being reshuffled with the expansion of Formula 1. Alongside football, the premier class is one of the most popular sports for sports betting fans.

New teams mean new betting combinations and even more lively competition. Since betting providers from Switzerland in particular have always been able to score points with a large variety of betting options, it remains to be assumed that the new Formula 1 grouping will also be particularly quick to follow suit. It is also conceivable that new betting options will develop around the application process that will count a sports betting bonus in Switzerland towards the selection process.

However, the new application process has also been met with criticism. The main reason for this is that growing competitive pressure could become a financial threat to the already established teams. Because the more teams there are in the competition, the smaller the individual shares that the respective teams get from the money that Formula 1 is about. And since the competition is not only a sporting highlight, but also an economic event, a lot of money is at stake. After all, Formula 1 is the most popular sport in Germany after football. © Michael CCO Public Domain

If the FIA ​​automobile association has its way, Formula 1 should get bigger. However, the association wants to prevent any teams from being promoted to the premier class that are not suitable for it. For this reason, the FIA ​​has developed an application process with various specific criteria, which should be used when selecting the new teams in order to ensure the highest possible quality.

Two of the most important criteria are “the technical capabilities and resources of the team” and “the ability of the team to fulfill its obligations in accordance with the sporting, technical and financial regulations of Formula 1”. This is intended to ensure that the various teams offer added value for the competition and that the vehicles can generally keep up with the competition. “The growth and appeal of the Formula 1 World Championship is greater than ever before,” said FIA President Mohammed bin Sulayem, and it should remain that way in the future.

Furthermore, the application process stipulates that the respective teams must have "sufficient funds" to meet all financial obligations associated with participation in the competition. This can be demonstrated, for example, by a detailed business plan. Sustainability is also an important criterion in the application process. The individual interested parties must explain how they want to become climate-neutral by 2030 in order to be allowed to participate in Formula 1.

The FIA ​​has many good reasons to make the application process transparent and to attach importance to exactly the criteria that have now become known. On the one hand, the FIA ​​wants the new teams to be high-performance so that they can enrich the competition. They shouldn't just keep up, but should increase the level of competition and make the competition more exciting. This is only possible if the technical requirements are met.

The image that Formula 1 wants to give itself in the future also plays a role. It's about being perceived as an attractive, forward-thinking competition that appeals to fans of all generations and ages. To do this, however, it is necessary to keep an eye on current trends and to react to them. That is why the FIA ​​attaches such great importance to sustainability when selecting its teams.

Conclusion: The extension remains optional

First of all, the FIA ​​has announced its willingness to include new teams in Formula 1. However, she does not enter into an obligation. First of all, the application process is carried out in order to check how great the current demand is. So far, however, it has become apparent that significantly more teams want to be included in Formula 1 than there will be space.

As part of the application process, it is first checked whether the applicants meet all the criteria defined in the process. As of now, they will only be included if that is the case. Should none of the teams meet all the criteria to a sufficient extent and, for example, in terms of Technology or sustainability are not convincing enough, it may well be that initially no further teams are admitted to the competition. In that case, ten teams would still compete in 2025.

The application process and the FIA's list of criteria clearly show that Formula 1 is evolving and in transition. It's about increasing the attractiveness of the competition, ensuring the quality of the teams and ensuring maximum sustainability. The coming weeks, months and years will show whether the current procedure and the criteria selected for it are suitable for achieving these goals.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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