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What does the future of motorsport look like?

Formula E racing car
Photo by Fabrizio Russo on Unsplash

In recent years, experts and climate activists have often spoken about motorsport being unsustainable and damaging to the environment. The environmental impact of burning fossil fuels and the associated CO₂ emissions have led to criticism of the industry. But what does the future of motorsport look like? Will circuits and teams change their strategies to be more environmentally friendly? How popular is Formula E now?

The Formula E

An important development that has taken place in recent years is Formula E, which uses electric vehicles. Many well-known Formula 1 drivers, such as Lewis Hamilton, have spoken out in favor of Formula E and praise the concept of sustainability. Formula E was launched in 2014 and since then fans and sponsors have shown great interest. The cars in Formula E are battery powered, which means they produce zero emissions and are therefore more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles. The races are usually held in city centers, which also reduces the need for transport for fans and teams.

Are Formula E cars slower than Formula 1 cars?

Formula E cars may be a bit slower than Formula 1 cars, but that doesn't mean Formula 1 races are any less exciting. According to an Autosport article, the top speed of the Gen2 Formula E car is 280 km/h. The top speed in a Formula 1 race that Valtteri Bottas achieved at the 2016 Mexican Grand Prix was 372,5 km/h.

Formula E racing car 2
Photo by Alex Pettitt on Unsplash

However, the expected maximum speed of a new Gen3 Formula E car should already be 322 km/h. And in the future, the performance of Formula E cars is likely to increase even more and even now there are hotly contested races with the world's best drivers on Formula E circuits.

Planned improvements

Formula E has proven to be a trendsetter for environmentally friendly motorsport. The organizers are currently working on making the batteries even more efficient in order to improve the performance of the cars and thus the racing experience for the fans. Formula E is also planning a Hydrogen powered version introduced in order to reduce the dependency on the batteries.

In addition to Formula E, other motorsport organizations are also working to become more environmentally friendly and reduce their carbon footprint, e.g. B. renewable energies and the use of electric vehicles is promoted. There are also various initiatives that focus on promoting environmentally friendly motorsport events.

The interest of the fans

Another important aspect to consider in the future of motorsport is the role of sportsbooks. Recently, many sites have started betting on Formula E by offering special bonus offers on motorsport bets. This has helped to further increase Formula E's popularity and lend it financial stability. Expect the trend to continue to grow in the future as more and more people embrace eco-friendly motorsport.

Formula E racing car 3
Photo by Ayden Sutton on Unsplash

It shows that motorsport is on the way to a sustainable future. Organizations like Formula E have shown that it is possible to rely on environmentally friendly technologies without sacrificing the quality of racing. It is hoped that more initiatives will follow to make motorsport a greener and more sustainable industry.

Raise fans' awareness of environmental issues

The efforts of Manufacturers and industry to become greener could also help raise fans' awareness of environmental issues. The major racing events attract millions each year, providing an excellent platform to promote environmental protection. Through initiatives such as recycling programs, CO₂ compensation or the use of renewable energies, the races can become more environmentally friendly and sustainable events.

criticism of motorsport

However, there are also critical voices who question whether the motorsport industry's efforts are sufficient to minimize the sport's environmental impact. Some argue that motorsport should be phased out altogether to avoid fossil fuel use and exhaust pollution. Others are calling for stricter regulations and controls for the motorsport industry to ensure it is indeed on the path to a more sustainable future.

Race track car racing
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It remains to be seen how motorsport will develop in the future. However, the increasing demand for environmentally friendly motorsport and the advances that have already been made show that a sustainable future for the sport is possible. It is now up to the organisations, fans and sports betting providers to work together to make motorsport an environmentally friendly and sustainable sport.

A sustainable future

An example of how motorsport can go in a greener direction is Formula E. The all-electric racing series was launched 9 years ago and has been gaining fans ever since. Formula E not only shows an exciting racing spectacle, but also provides a platform to promote electromobility and sustainability. Another example of how motorsport can become more environmentally friendly is the use of biofuels. It is planned to introduce new regulations that will encourage the use of biofuels.

This could help reduce CO₂ emissions in motorsport and make the sport more sustainable. In summary, it can be said that the future of motorsport depends on a sustainable and environmentally friendly orientation. The motorsport industry's efforts to become more environmentally friendly are an important step in the right direction. Formula E and the use of biofuels are examples of how motorsport can become more environmentally friendly. It is now up to everyone involved to work together towards a sustainable future for sport. This is the only way motorsport can continue to exist in the future and continue to inspire fans.

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