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New apps for navigation as an alternative to Google Maps!

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android auto google app e1613066639908 New apps for navigation as an alternative to Google Maps!

The infotainment platform Android Auto from Google has so far brought numerous applications from the smartphone to the display in the vehicle. The selection of apps was small and very limited. And soon will new apps brought to market that is just in the field of important Navigate Offer something new. The range is becoming more extensive because third-party providers are now entering the market and making the applications more versatile.

New apps for navigation!

Besides Radio and Traffic jam reports It is hard to imagine driving a car without general navigation. With the Android smartphone, Google could use Google Maps be used and the associated Waze. However, so far it has not been possible other apps to use for navigation via Google. But that will change soon. So far it has always been argued that when navigating in the vehicle, users should concentrate on road traffic and not on colorful apps and other surfaces. A deflection While driving should be prevented from the outset by blocking other applications and apps.

android auto google app waze navigation e1613066725283 New apps for navigation as an alternative to Google Maps!

In the meantime, however, Google has succeeded in finding more tested applications and Apps admit that meet the criteria mentioned. That's why it should then be possible in the future, too Third-party apps to use for navigation. However, all alternatives are subject to the strict and strict guidelines of Google. It's a shame, because a really colorful variety remains . Thanks to censorship! Serious online casinos without a German license would be in Jam or at the Coffee break been optimal in the vehicle. Some apps are now available for user testing purposes open Service.

The first app released by Google at the end of 2020 was Sygic. The app can be installed on the smartphone as an alternative to Google Maps and Waze. More apps followed successively. However, the apps are all there in the test phase. Only in a few months will one official Activation takes place gradually when the apps have been able to meet all guidelines and requirements. It seems that all of the apps in question will be very similar because the guidelines set by Google define clear rules.

android auto google app sygic navigation 1 New apps for navigation as an alternative to Google Maps!

Differences in the color design and the map material are likely. However, it will be with the apps to be approved no special functions because these are not provided for in the Google guidelines. Google has published a list of the apps that should be available for additional and therefore alternative use, such as TomTom, Sygic, Map Factor, 12GIS, T Map, Spot Hero, Charge Point and PlugShare.

Well-known and popular applications such as Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, Here or Apple Maps are should not when choosing. Ultimately, over the course of the months it will become clear which of the apps can prevail in the practical test. After all, Google's previous applications are like Maps or Waze already very well established. In order for new applications to gain acceptance with users, they have to be very convincing. Experience has shown that many users often stick to the usual reliable application that they have learned to use. Therefore, it is not beyond any probability that the users with the known Google applications, i.e. Google Maps or Waze, stay. However, are Infotainment apps still a niche area that is in demand again and again because it is used frequently these days. Google has just released an app for this: Gboard for Android automotive app.

gboard google app New apps for navigation as an alternative to Google Maps!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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