Solar ready for the holiday season: Jackery launches the summer campaign “Summer. Solar. That's how it's done!"

Sun on your skin, the sound of the sea in your ears - summer is here! Jackery, a pioneer in the solar generator industry and one of the world's best-selling brands for solar generators, is now launching its campaign in the most popular holiday season under the motto "Summer. Solar. Here's how!” to encourage the camping enthusiast and outdoor lover to get solar ready for the summer holidays and enjoy a new self-sufficient lifestyle with full power in the open air.

As part of this, interested parties can take part in the three-round lottery on Jackery social media to win a solar generator and also buy the Jackery solar generator with a discount of up to 30% on Prime Day.

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Summer. Solar. That's how it works with Jackery solar generator!

The Jackery solar generator is a solar solution that combines an Explorer portable power station with SolarSaga solar panels.

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Harnessing the sun's energy, whether it's on a summer camping trip or for backup power at home, is an ideal solution for independent power sources, especially considering that many people want to enjoy outdoor fun and relaxation in nature without restrictions and want to be self-sufficient on the go. Thanks to the use of free solar energy, Jackery solar generator offers the following three possibilities:


No more worries about uninterruptible power supply on the go:Jackery solar generator provides inexhaustible power in various capacities - from small to large - in a solar-ready way, so that the necessary devices such as coffee machine, camera, refrigerator, e-bike, mobile phone and laptop etc. are always available are ready for use with full power - independent of the power grid, to be mobile completely free.

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Gas or petrol is no longer an option, the green and sustainable solar energy source plays the central role. Jackery solar generator enables green travel with zero emissions and no costs of fossil fuels for petrol or gas-powered power generators - to be solar-ready and green on the road, and to make a contribution to sustainability and the protection of nature.

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In the summer, electricity demand could exceed grid load and power outages, rising electricity prices also pose a challenge, necessitating a backup home power source. If the Jackery solar generator absorbs the free energy from the sun and then stores it in the power station, the electricity is available at all times – be prepared for a possible power failure without worrying.

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Jackery solar generator to meet many needs

As a reliable power solution, Jackery Solar Generator is available in different capacities to meet various power needs:

Jackery solar generator 2000 Pro: Newly launched, Jackery's most advanced green energy product to date, capable of a full 2,5Wh charge in just 2.160 hours of sunlight - ideal for back-up power, gardening and full-time camping etc.

Jackery solar generator 1000: The ultimate and powerful companion with the capacity of 1.002 Wh, the 230V Schuko sockets and USB-C port to meet the charging needs of most devices on the go - ideal for 3 to 4 camping trips, mobile working, outdoor photography etc.

Jackery solar generator 500: The classic and a popular entry-level model with 518 Wh capacity, really portable and flexibly placeable for 2 to 3 days of self-driving short vacations.

Prime Day 2022 with up to 30% discount

As a reliable supplier since 2012,Jackery has been committed to the research, manufacture and sale of the independent, sustainable, green and user-friendly solar energy solution for outdoor and home, which has already sold over 1,5 million units worldwide and well recognized by more than 100 authorized media and organizations recognized and recommended. From 12th to 13th July the hottest deals are available atjackery with discounts of up to 30% Prime Day 2022 and Everyone has the last chance to save up to 25% from July 14th to 17th.

Special offers are also available on the official website of Jackery from July 12th to 13th. Add your favorite products to your Wishlist: - place the order from 0:12 on July XNUMX! Find out more about the Jackery solar generator and start your summer vacation ready for solar energy:

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Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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