Luxury car auctioned - casino fraudsters punished

Mercedes SL63 AMG widebody platinum motorsport tuning 14 luxury cars auctioned - casino fraudsters punished

In a major raid that was carried out in Hagen in 2018, the tax office not only confiscated casino equipment and cash. Among the luxury goods financed by taxpayers' money were two top-class Mercedes. They came under the hammer in Düsseldorf last month and can now be continued by serious bidders. The equivalent of the two vehicles was around 240.000 euros. One of the bidders was an 18-year-old from Munich who traveled to Düsseldorf especially to bid on the cars. The young man collects sports cars and was very surprised by what he saw: "It hurts my heart what they did to the car." What is meant, among other things, is the gold foil. There are a total of seven vehicles at the auction. The two Mercedes alone were apparently worth gold for the city. The reason for the seizure in Hagen was tax evasion. The Kurdish owners stole around 48 million euros by manipulating slot machines. Of course, that has consequences.

240.000 euros go back ashore

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The starting bid for the golden Benz was 72.000 euros. It is thanks to the bureaucracy that it took around a year to go to auction. The Oberfinanzdirektion NRW had now released the vehicles - including a Mercedes AMG, whose starting bid was at least 66.800 euros. The two vehicles were actually the most expensive. In addition to them, there were various cheaper models, the proceeds of which are hardly worth mentioning. In another auction that took place a few months earlier, two Lamborghinis changed hands - for 218.000 and 172.000 euros, respectively. The Mercedes auctions have now brought the country another 240.000, although the total amount is of course not nearly enough to cover the tax debt of the fraudsters. They will still have to answer to court in the coming months. The process is not over yet. The young collector from Munich had set a clear limit. After all, there is no way to test the engine, as the WAZ reported.

The casino fraud is handicapped

The arcade process, as it is now called, continues to run at the regional court in Hagen. There is no end in sight yet. The 43-year-old main perpetrator and a brother were detained on confession. For more than a year, the public prosecutor has been fighting to clarify the case and prepare for an end. Also affected is a 50-year-old friend of the Kurdish family who owns several arcades. The indictment should be successful, because after all, it is a matter of a fraud like never before. The deposit was 450.000 euros for one of the perpetrators. After payment, he was released until further notice, but will still face a prison sentence of several years. The same applies to the gang's boss, who still has to wait behind closed bars for the next trial dates.

Play online without cheating - how it works

If you are looking for a casino offer with a serious background, you should play at Mister Green, As the latest case from Hagen shows, fraud does not pay off anyway. The gentlemen who stole your buggies by just such means have now had to experience this painfully. It is important for players in online casinos not to be cheated. Of course, the operators have the same claim, because if they already generate solid profits, then please do so under fair and honest conditions. In any case, the luxury bodies have now found serious new owners. Of course, fraudsters have to answer in court for tax evasion. If you were lucky enough to buy one of the vehicles in November, you will benefit not only from the elegant appearance, but also from modern technology, thanks to which it is even possible to use offers such as Mr. Green Casino in the car. So you can kill two birds with one stone.

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