The minibus: an ideal van for the company!

Buy a minibus used Passenger transport 1 The minibus: An ideal transporter for the company!


 Minibuses are, in particular, small vehicles with a length of up to 5 meters that are used to transport small groups of passengers. Such cars are both for private transport and for organizing regular and irregular transports (in taxi traffic) asked. The vehicle can accommodate up to eight people plus the driver. When choosing vehicles, you should pay attention to the technical characteristics and equipment indicated on the website of the specialized portal for the sale of motor vehicles Autoline. The different categories of the portal contain more than a thousand ads with Minibuses various brands and models from sellers from all over the world.

Advantage of the minibus

Buy a minibus used Passenger transport 8 The minibus: An ideal transporter for the company!

A minibus is characterized by a successful combination of reduced vehicle dimensions and a spacious interior. They also have the following advantages:

  1. Versatility. Such a vehicle can also be used for sightseeing tours to bring a group of people to the vacation spot or to the workplace.
  2. Comfort. The highlights are the comfortable seats, the various heating and air conditioning systems and the multimedia systems of the vehicles.
  3. Maneuverability. The relatively compact size of the vehicles makes them easy to move on busy roads, especially in the city.
  4. Transportation safety. The interior of a modern minibus is usually equipped with everything necessary to ensure safety on long journeys (inside the city, but also outside of it) to ensure.

Equipment of minibuses

Minibuses are usually made in models with smaller, medium and greater Divided capacity. Cars with 8-10 seats are mainly used by private transport companies and for corporate purposes (company bus, etc.). Vehicles for 11-18 people are mainly used as means of transport for medium distances. Spacious vehicles with 19-25 seats are required for long journeys. The latter are used to transport entire sports teams including coaching staff over long distances.

Buy a minibus used Passenger transport 11 The minibus: An ideal transporter for the company!

Minibuses for travel are characterized by a comfortable interior, as particularly comfortable seats are built in for long stays. They are equipped with LCD monitors, multimedia systems, various air conditioning systems, folding tables, individual lighting and a storage compartment for hand luggage. Depending on the model, the seats can also be dismantled if necessary. This transforms the vehicle from a pure transport vehicle to an XXL transporter. Large side sliding doors and pivoting rear doors should be mentioned as special features of such a transport vehicle.

Choice of minibuses

There are several points to consider before buying a minibus:

  1. Fuel system. A gasoline engine is designed for higher speeds and faster acceleration. Diesel gensets are considered to be more economical.
  2. Wheelbase. For trips outside of the city with regular overland tours and on roads with poor surface conditions, it is advisable to have vehicles with all wheel drive to choose. They are characterized by good maneuverability and a particularly high level of driving safety. However, these vehicles use more fuel.
  3. Comfort. The demand for the vehicles depends on the possible equipment. Modern specimens have comfortable seating, air conditioning and plenty of luggage space.
  4. Number of seats. This directly affects the size of the vehicle. Of course you should pay attention to that.
  5. Engine type, power, gearbox version. Does the vehicle match the planned route profile?

When buying a used minibus, the technical condition and mileage must be taken into account. In the end, this determines how reliable the vehicle will be. You should also pay attention to the additional equipment when making your selection. Some models can be retrofitted with cruise control, a tachograph or a tail lift.

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