Thursday June 24, 2021

More horsepower, power and performance? STW GmbH makes it possible!

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Chiptuning Audi R8 4S 2017 Mcchip DKR 2 More PS, Power and Performance? STW GmbH makes it possible!


One thing is certain: If you read, you probably don't want to know how you can save the last drop of fuel in a car and the latest series vehicles are certainly less of an issue. What you want is more power, more performance and more style for the car. Everything - just not off the shelf. For example, your focus is on increased performance, but this does not mean that the engine has to be replaced or that the displacement is laboriously increased? For exactly this purpose you will find a large selection of performance products at STW GmbH. Because an increase in performance also works with small but subtle changes, which we would like to briefly explain to you with a few examples.

Intercooler (intake side)

STW Tuning intercooler More horsepower, power and performance? STW GmbH makes it possible!Almost every engine today has a turbocharger that compresses the intake air and then conveys this air into the engine compartment. If you have more oxygen in the air, the combustion is improved and the engine performance increases. However, one should not forget that this also makes the charge air very hot (100-200 ° C) and puts a greater strain on the valves and cylinder heads. The extra power from the turbocharger must of course not be lost due to the hot temperatures. There is an intercooler that cools them down. And every degree less means more effectiveness and the better the turbo works. The advantage of a tuning intercooler is that it is larger and thicker than the series and therefore cools even more effectively and thus provides more engine power.

Exhaust flap - vacuum controlled

STW Tuning exhaust flap More horsepower, power and performance? STW GmbH makes it possible!

The controllable flap is installed near the rear silencer, it is activated either manually or automatically. Systems with switches (remote control) in the interior of the vehicle that can be controlled manually are popular. The flap opens and closes via a vacuum unit that works with the aid of vacuum. The system has the effect that in the open mode the car exhaust does not come through the complete rear silencer, which means that the sound of the car is significantly more intense and pithy. The system is connected directly to the intake manifold. In the normal state the flap is closed and it opens when the solenoid valve is actuated by the remote control. The vacuum reservoir makes it possible that the flap can be controlled very variably.

Manifold (exhaust side)

STW tuning manifold More horsepower, power and performance? STW GmbH makes it possible!Everyone has heard it, but what does the manifold actually do? The exhaust manifold enables the engine performance to be optimized on the exhaust gas side. If the fuel is burned, the exhaust gases flow extremely quickly from the cylinder into the exhaust system. If a manifold with modified lengths, diameters and guides of the manifold pipes is installed, a vacuum is created on the open cylinder, which means that the exhaust gases can be sucked out of the combustion chamber much more easily. The combustion chamber is therefore emptier and can therefore draw in larger amounts of fresh air for combustion. The result is higher engine power and, moreover, an optimized torque curve.

Downpipe (exhaust side)

Downpipe STW Tuning More PS, Power and Performance? STW GmbH makes it possible!And another term that is hard to imagine without in connection with an increase in performance in a turbo vehicle: the downpipe! It is also called a downpipe and acts as a replacement for the original exhaust pipe. The downpipe has a larger diameter, which has advantages. Incidentally, the location of the downpipe for turbo vehicles is between the turbocharger and the exhaust system. The larger the diameter of the downpipe, the easier it is for exhaust gas pressure to escape. This has the advantage for the turbocharger that it can turn up more easily and the exhaust gas temperature is reduced. The result is higher engine output, more torque and improved driving behavior.

The tuning parts explained above as well as coilovers, exhaust flaps, rear silencers, sports brake discs and carbon parts can all be found in the STW GmbH webshop:

stwtuning com More PS, Power and Performance? STW GmbH makes it possible!

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