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Goodbye wipers - Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On 2018

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Nasiol GlasShield Wipe On 2018 Tuning 6 wiper adept Nasiol GlasShield Wipe On 2018


Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On is the new nano seal for windscreens from Nasiol. With Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On, windshields, mirrors and other glass surfaces become dirt, water and oil-repellent. Unlike conventional seals, Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On is not supplied as a liquid or spray. A set of GlasShield Wipe-On contains a pair of disposable gloves, a special cleaning cloth for the lenses and two ready-to-use wipes for applying the seal.

What are the benefits of Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On?

Nasiol GlasShield Wipe On 2018 Tuning 5 wiper adept Nasiol GlasShield Wipe On 2018Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On coats panes and mirrors with a hydrophobic seal that is only 75 to 100 nm thick. The lotus effect created by the seal ensures that water, dirt and even oil do not stick to the glass. The advantage: The panes are easier to clean after sealing. Clear water without the addition of detergents is enough to simply rinse off dust, oil and dirt. When it rains, the water runs off through the wind, or can be wiped off the windscreen wipers without streaking. According to the manufacturer, the seal lasts 2 years, 45.000 km or around 80.000 wiper movements. The Nasiol GlasShield Wipe On seal is resistant to chemicals and most acids and alkalis with a pH of 1 to 13.

How to use Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On

Applying the nano sealer is very easy. First, the windshield must be cleaned of dust, grease and dirt and then completely dry. Then the dry pane is carefully wiped off with the cleaning cloth from Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On. After cleaning, the sealer can be applied. Nasiol recommends using one cloth for each half of a windshield. The cloth should be folded twice into a smaller rectangle. The sealing is applied by wiping the cloth horizontally and vertically over the pane without exerting great pressure. When applying the seal, the cloth should be turned over and refolded in order to optimally use the sealing liquid. The process is then repeated with the second cloth on the other half of the windshield.

After application, the sealant must dry for 12 hours. The vehicle must be in a shady and dust-free place during the drying process. According to the manufacturer, the supplied disposable gloves should be worn when cleaning the pane and when applying the seal. The gloves protect the hands from the chemicals and prevent grease from getting on the glass. Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On should not be applied in the blazing sun or on a hot disc. In both cases, the seal dries too quickly without being able to properly bond to the surface of the panes. Tip: Are the windshield wipers slowing down? Then you can Clean, Regrooving or Switch.

Nasiol GlasShield Wipe On 2018 Tuning 7 wiper adept Nasiol GlasShield Wipe On 2018

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