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New cars at a bargain price - that's how you buy cars today

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What's up with the smell of a new car? Almost everyone wants a new car, but the cooler it is, the higher the price - very few people nowadays buy it in cash. Nevertheless, there are different ways to get your dream car. This is how fans of howling engines get their new car:

New cars at a bargain price Leasing Leasing Universe New cars at a bargain price - this is how you buy cars today


Leasing is one of the most popular ways to get a new car. Companies in particular make use of this option - so employees can drive financially economical company cars. At the same time, a regular change to new vehicles is possible.

How does leasing actually work?

Anyone who leases a car does not buy it, but rents it. By making a down payment and paying a monthly lease amount, the lessee receives the car from the manufacturer, but does not own it. The vehicle remains the property of the lessor for the duration of the leasing contract.

As a rule, you conclude a leasing contract for two or five years. At the end of the term, in some cases, you have to make an additional payment and the car goes back to the owner. Some contracts allow the lessee to redeem the car at the end of the lease term. In this case, he can buy the vehicle from the lessor as a used car at its current value.

Leasing Universe is one of the most famous leasing portals. Private customers and companies will find a wide range of vehicles, leasing providers and leasing plans there. From the Audi RS6 to a tuned Abarth up to the iconic Vespa car fans will find everything their heart desires. Since the individual offers of the lessor can be seen at first glance, the leasing comparison is quick and the contract can be concluded promptly.

Leasing: advantages and disadvantages

Anyone who leases a car must bear in mind that they are not its owner during the term of the contract. Since the vehicles are usually returned afterwards, there is never a transfer of ownership. As with a house or apartment, this limits the rights and options of the "tenant" a little. Leasing vehicles, for example, have to be inspected or repaired in the authorized workshop. In the event of damage, the procedure is also somewhat more complicated than with a purchased vehicle. Another disadvantage that can result from leasing is the fact that nothing may be changed on the car. The possibilities to tune extensively are therefore rather limited.

Leasing Financing Buying a new car at a bargain price - this is how you buy cars today

But leasing also has unbeatable advantages: especially with expensive vehicles, the leasing rate can be a lot cheaper than the financing rate. This results on the one hand from the fact that there is no rush to pay off the purchase price and on the other hand from the lack of interest that would come on top of the purchase. The down payment is also lower for leasing contracts.

Anyone who buys a car will also find themselves in a quandary after a while: If the first repairs are in the offing after two or three years, it should be sold and reinvested, or rather repairs should be done

Car financing

Financing is another very popular form of new car acquisition. Ownership of the vehicle is transferred to the bank for the duration of the financing. This also stores the vehicle registration document and only gives it to the buyer when the buyer has finished repaying the loan and has triggered the car.

How does the car finance work?

Once you have found a car that you like, you get in touch with the dealer and they can make you a financing offer. The dealer then requests this from various banks. If the parties agree, the financing contract can be concluded. As a rule, the buyer pays a deposit and then immediately begins paying the monthly installment.

Car finance: pros and cons

The key advantage of financing a car is the fact that it gradually becomes the property of the buyer. The buyer therefore has complete freedom. Unfortunately, the rates are usually very high, especially if you can only make a small deposit. The loan request can also be rejected, for example in the case of a Schufa entry or if the monthly income is incorrect. In addition, the purchase makes it difficult for you to regularly switch to newer models.

Car Financing Leasing Difference 4 new cars at a bargain price - this is how you buy cars today

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