Well thought-out innovations for every car!

Inftoainment confusing distraction operation Well thought-out innovations for every car!

Integrated displays or screens are often confusing. For some drivers, operation becomes a challenge. Often messages are displayed that are not relevant to the driver of the vehicle. Changing the data is usually associated with the cumbersome pressing of small buttons. It becomes dangerous when one is distracted by looking at the display. The risk of accidents increases significantly if various settings are made while driving.

The conventional modules are now being replaced by innovative solutions. New screens that are positioned in the front area are with user-friendly functions fitted. The area can be enlarged individually and thus meets all needs. Some data are only displayed when they are really needed. And changes can be made easily without distracting the driver. If the occupants do not need any further information, the display becomes inactive and disappears almost invisibly in the cockpit. The displays thus combine the most modern technology with an attractive design.

Radford Type 62 2 Lotus Evora John Player Special Edition Interior 1 Well thought-out innovations for every car!

Most car owners attach great importance to a neat interior. This should not only be vacuumed and cleaned regularly. The optics should not be neglected either. The seat covers must therefore match the equipment and harmonize with the existing color scheme.

Comfortable seating for a pleasant journey

In order for the edition to look appealing, it should be tailored to the specifics of the various car brands. High quality Car Seat Coversthat are made to measure cannot slip and there are no annoying creases.

The seat covers are available for the front and rear seats and can be configured as desired in just a few steps in the online shop. There is a suitable pattern or an unusual color combination for every style. Personalized car seat covers with embroidery or special designs are particularly effective. Even the material can be selected from different materials.

custom-made seat covers Well thought-out innovations for every car!
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Important safety aspects are also taken into account during production. Consumers must pay attention to the Suitability of car seat covers for airbags judge. Consumers should inquire beforehand whether such protective devices are installed in their vehicle. Dealers are obliged to include important details in their offer so that each customer can decide whether the product is suitable for his purposes.

The focus is on safety

The protection of all vehicle occupants is continuously being improved across the EU. For this purpose, the technology is optimized with great effort in new developments. In addition, cyclists and pedestrians must be better protected. After all, these road users do not have a body that would prevent serious injuries in the event of a collision. Useful technologies help reduce accidents and personal injury. In order to accelerate progress, regulations on relevant safety measures are being issued.

Blind spot turning assistant tuning retrofitting 3 well thought-out innovations for every car!

With a turning assistance system, cyclists can be prevented from falling if they are in the so-called "blind spot" of a turning vehicle. These systems are mainly used in buses and commercial vehicles. Other equipment can prevent serious injuries. This includes impact protection for the head area. A lane departure warning system prevents oncoming traffic from being endangered. Accidents caused by tire damage can prevent permanent pressure monitoring.

A common problem is driver fatigue. Those affected can lose control of their vehicle within a fraction of a second. If the computer detects the emergency, the driver receives a warning. Then it is advisable to go to a parking lot and take a sufficient break.

TPMS indicator lights tire pressure system Well thought-out innovations for every car!

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