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There's news from again OBDeleven. We know the OBDeleven Bluetooth devices in connection with the OBDeleven app for complete vehicle diagnostics, for programming and monitoring of vehicles from the VAG Group (functions are license-dependent). But from now on there are not only so-called "one-click apps", but also the function for reading and deleting errors chosen BMW models. Usage is as simple as usual. To use the device, one just needs to plug the OBDeleven dongle into the vehicle's OBD-II diagnostic socket. The OBDeleven app can be used with Android, but also with iOS from Apple.

OBDeleven for BMW in the video

The OBDeleven Bluetooth device supports vehicles from the VAG Group, such as Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Cupra, Skoda, Bentley and Lamborghini. Some older models manufactured before 1996 may require an additional 2×2 adapter. But what is new is the possibility of being able to "edit" vehicles from the BMW Group (from the F, G, I series, MINI from the F series 2015) and some Rolls-Royce (from 2012) with it. In other words, the vehicles are now supported and the familiar functions such as “read/delete errors” and the practical one-click apps can be used immediately. By the way, you can find out the complete currently available vehicle coverage in the OBDeleven BMW car diagnostics app.

a real alternative for us Bimmercode & BimmerLinkofficially licensed by VAG and BMW / dealer level features

More about the OBDeleven BMW car diagnostics app

  • Plug the OBDeleven dongle (NextGen) into the OBD-II port
  • Install and open the OBDeleven app on your smartphone
  • log into the account or register again if necessary

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Provided you have an internet connection, you can use the OBDeleven app with almost all common smartphones and tablets that use Android 6 or higher or iOS 14 or higher. There is a separate app for VAG Group vehicles and the OBDeleven BMW car diagnostics app for BMW Group vehicles. Both are easy to find by typing "OBDeleven" and can be downloaded from the App Store. A small catch, the BMW APP is currently (as of 12/2022) unfortunately only available in English.

"One-Click Apps" - pre-packaged coding applications

  • Workshop – Maintenance and inspection intervals (oil, brake pads, etc.)
  • retrofits – Adjust tuning parts so that the control unit recognizes the new part (LED lights, parking sensors, etc.)
  • Aadjustments – Adaptation, activation, deactivation of various comfort/security functions

OBDeleven's one-click functions are applications that do not require any in-depth knowledge of vehicle programming. There are over 500 different applications available for different vehicles. With their help, you can easily perform various service functions, such as oil service reset Or changing the brake pads. You can also adjust the vehicle lighting individually, adjust the comfort system (automatic door locking, convenient opening and closing of the windows, adapting the electronics of the differential lock, etc.) or activate functions of a retrofit. The latter include the LED license plate light, Cruise Control or the wiper water level sensor.

For example, if you want to watch a video while driving in a BMW 3 Series (for the passenger), then there is a one-click app for that

the OBDeleven NexGen bluetooth OBD diagnostic tool car scanner

And OBDeleven also allows for cool visual changes, like activating/changing the pointer deflection or the optical parking system (if installed). You can also add other functions, such as a lap counter or the multimedia developer menu. And if you no longer need certain functions, you can simply deactivate them (sound actuator, auto start/stop, etc.). For the complete offer and a list with all applications one can simply take a look at the OBDeleven app. If you want to use the one-click function mentioned, then you need so-called credits – even in the Pro version. These can be purchased in the OBDeleven shop.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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