The next generation of classic cars is approaching

Ken Block Ford Escort RS Cosworth Accident 2018 6 The next generation of classic cars is approaching

Many will still remember the first time with their own car. It almost seems like it was yesterday. However, the Süddeutsche now reveals which cars will officially become oldtimers in 2020 - and is sure to amaze many motorists. Classic cars have always enjoyed great popularity. And despite all the criticism about CO2 emissions, there are countless people across Germany who no longer want to give up their beloved vehicle. At the beginning of 2019, the Federal Motor Transport Authority already counted almost half a million classic cars. Nine years earlier it was well below 200.000. The increase can be explained by the fact that really high-quality vehicles were built in the 1990s, the quality of which can hardly be compared with what drove on Germany's roads in the 70s and 80s. At that time, construction was long-lasting and that is now paying off for many classic car owners. In any case, in the coming year there will be a whole range of vehicles that can officially be called oldtimers. You get that H-plates and drive a lot cheaper in the future. (There is a lot of information on the subject of H license plates in our special)

The Internet is also a “classic car” in 2021

The Ford Escort will be there next year. The model was launched on the market for the fifth time in 1990. The vehicles are available today for an average of 1.700 euros. The Audi 100 will also officially have the H license plate in a few weeks. With the 2 liter machine it is still around 4.900 euros. The popular Opel Calibra is even more expensive and fans can look forward to it from around 5200 euros. Of course, everything is always a question of the state. By the way, cars are not the only classic cars in our world. The internet will also celebrate its 2021th birthday in 30. In this country we have only been using it for about 20 years, but it was actually officially born in 1991.

Germany loves cars and gaming

Opel Calibra classic cars The next generation of classic cars is approaching

Anyone can understand today what cars have to do with the Internet. Not only that the vehicles can be connected to the World Wide Web via computers. As we have already reported, it is even possible to play in the mobile casino. The Bwin app is particularly suitable for this because it is compatible with all smartphones and tablets. These, in turn, can be easily connected to the vehicle. So it is easy to experience slots, roulette & Co. while driving. As always, of course: hands on the wheel! The co-driver will thank you for not being bored on the way. However, it is questionable whether mobile gaming can be combined with classic cars such as the Ford Escort. If you drive a newer car, on the other hand, you can at least experience the classic car feeling at any time. In fact, some of the big casinos have been around for around 20 years. They too will be officially oldies at some point, but certainly just as little lose their appeal as the next generation of vintage vehicles.

Driving an oldie has its price

The H mark provides tax breaks for classic cars, but it is anything but cheap to own such a vehicle. If you are planning a sale at some point or at least want to have fun for many years to come, you have to invest a lot. Depending on the brand and model, spare parts are difficult to get. Regular maintenance and care should also be important. Otherwise, oldtimers quickly lose their value and can only be sold for a few euros. You have to be a real lover, with time and enough "change" to keep such a vehicle in the long term. As soon as the cars officially belong to the old iron in the coming year, it could well happen that - if they are in good condition - they will increase their value again.

H License plate for classic cars Requirements The next generation of classic cars is approaching

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