Tree resin on the paint? Permanon PS Paste will help you

Permanon PS Paste tree resin remove tree resin on the paint? Permanon PS Paste will help you

Who does not know the situation? Tree resin and bright sunshine and the paint is permanently damaged! Permanent? Not necessarily. The cleaning paste Permanon PS is a real professional for stubborn, encrusted and dried impurities and soiling, also applicable on sensitive and durable surfaces. A must for gentle deep cleaning. The Permanon PS Paste gently and intensively removes even the most stubborn dirt.

Well suited for pretreatment, it is used as a pre-cleaner on surfaces to be protected, leaving a pleasant fragrance behind. This universally applicable special cleaning agent from Permanon can gently clean heavy organic dirt, both inside and outside the vehicle.

Permanon PS Paste 12 tree resin on the paint? Permanon PS Paste will help youExcellent cleaning results on:
- High gloss finishes
- Leatherette
- Polished stainless steel
- Plastics and plastics of all kinds except polycarbonate (can lead to stress-related cracks)
- different types of metal
- stone and tiles

order now 1 155x78 tree resin on the paint? Permanon PS Paste will help you

The Permanon PS paste is neither abrasive nor harmful to the environment or human skin. This universal cleaner optimizes deep cleaning so that biodegradable cleaning is thorough and effective.

The surface, deeply cleaned into its capillary structure, is now optimally prepared for the value-preserving surface protection with other Permanon products. This cleaning paste can be used for almost all materials with the exception of polycarbonate (can lead to stress-related cracks).

The Permanon PS paste acts against stubborn organic contaminants such as oil and fuel residues, fat deposits, silicone accumulations, algae infestation, verdigris, black rain stripes, mold deposits, mold stains, ink, markers and graffiti or soot deposits from the exhaust.

Permanon PS Paste 16 tree resin on the paint? Permanon PS Paste will help you

Fast and thorough cleaning made easy.

Depending on the degree of soiling, a little Permanon PS Paste is applied to a damp sponge, which must be rubbed in a circle on the heavily contaminated surface. Then rinse with running water or wipe the surface with a damp cloth, done.
All done !

Remove organic stains without harsh solvents

In contrast to conventional high-performance cleaners, Permanon PS Paste was developed without abrasives or hard solvents.

Permanon PS Paste was made from 16 different surfactants to make the most of the cleaning power of each soap. Permanon PS Paste is therefore safe to use on any solid surface.

Permanon PS Paste dispenses with hard solvents and abrasives and relies on advanced chemistry to make the job easier. The Permanon PS paste is non-toxic, non-flammable, solvent-free and completely biodegradable.

Permanon PS cleaning paste can be used in all areas such as cars, planes, pool and spa areas, boats, yachts, and much more! It is the ideal pre-cleaner for heavy contaminants and saves a lot of money. Go to and do not waste any more time on expensive, environmentally harmful and bad cleaners!

For use with hard organic contaminants such as:
- Oil and fat deposits
- tree sap
- fuel residues
- silicone deposits
- algae infestation
- Verdigris
- Black stripes on boats / RVs
- Mold deposits
- powdery mildew
- Ink, felt tip markers and graffiti
Exhaust and soot sediments

order now 1 155x78 tree resin on the paint? Permanon PS Paste will help you

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