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Pitaka's solid MagSafe car mount: MagEZ Car Mount Pro!

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Pitaka's solid MagSafe car mount: MagEZ Car Mount Pro!


After revamping the MagEZ lineup, Pitaka now officially supports the Apple MagSafe (wireless charging). And for the iPhone 13 mini, for example, there is now even a matching MagEZ case and the corresponding car holder, which were not available at the beginning. The covers score points scratch resistance and extremely robust materials. They lie securely in the hand and fill up with a good grip. The second generation MagEZ case even shines a bit thinner, nevertheless it has a high protective effect. However, this article is not intended to deal with the case. Instead, let's look at the MagEZ Car Mount Pro Car mount on. Since the MagSafe now is compatible, it also has built in magnets that allow it to be used with other MagSafe products. The current model bears the name MagEZ Car Mount Pro and is designed for attachment to the ventilation grilles of the vehicle.

MagEZ Car Mount Pro

Pitaka's solid MagSafe car mount: MagEZ Car Mount Pro!

The attached should be highlighted fastening hooks. The hook isn't just made of plastic, it's made of Metal. This has the advantage that the different temperatures of the air flow of the vehicle ventilation have no influence on the long-term durability. Plastic would with time dry out and break. And the holder is not simply hung in the grid, like many cheap models. She can with a thread tightened become and is then special securely mounted. In addition, the integrated Kugelkopf for having the device in all directions (360°) can swivel. And there is even one of your own Ventilation system in the bracket, so that the iPhone does not generate too much heat when charging. Because if it gets too warm, it ends in a Throttling of the charging power.

As soon as the contactless charge has been triggered by placing the iPhone on top, the ventilation system begins Automatically with the work. The fan makes an almost inaudible noise. And since other noises are added when driving, it is not noticeable. The manufacturer specifies the charging power of the MagEZ Car Mount Pro as maximum 15 watts, at. A prerequisite for this is a powerful car adapter, which can also pass the power to the bracket. A connection cable from USB-A to USB-C is included in the scope of delivery. By the way, Pitaka says that the MagEZ Car Mount Pro is compatible with the MagSafe. The current price is currently 59,99 euros.

Pitaka's solid MagSafe car mount: MagEZ Car Mount Pro!

This is what we noticed about the MagEZ Car Mount Pro:

  • non-slip liquid silicone / co-molding technique
  • For example, the iPhone 12 with Pitaka Mag-Safe case can also be used
  • the supplied USB cable is 1,06 meters long with the connectors
  • e.g. it also works without a Pitaka case (e.g. with the iPhone 12 pro)
  • Suitable for all ventilation grilles (regardless of whether they are vertical or horizontal)
  • good quality and good workmanship
  • successful design
  • Magnet holds the iPhone in place even in potholes or bumps (no slipping or falling off)
  • the charging performance is the same as that of the OEM Apple charger
  • to switch to landscape mode, you don't have to rotate the entire mount, just the phone
  • built-in short-circuit protection, over-current protection

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Pitaka's solid MagSafe car mount: MagEZ Car Mount Pro!

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Pitaka's solid MagSafe car mount: MagEZ Car Mount Pro!

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Pitaka's solid MagSafe car mount: MagEZ Car Mount Pro!

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