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POI Pilot Connected GPS Hazard Warner with Built-in SIM Card!

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POI Pilot Connected GPS Hazard Warner with Built-in SIM Card!


Thanks to the live radar detector POI Pilot Connected, you are always safe on the road! And that's exactly what we were allowed to try. Yes, first some information about the device. Why is? How does the POI Pilot Connected GPS hazard warning system work with the integrated SIM card? The SIM allows that handy box by GPS receive up-to-date warnings on hazards and speed readings. You will be informed visually and acoustically. Best of all, you don't need a smartphone, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. The device uses the free integrated SIM card for data traffic, which establishes an independent connection to the mobile network. time consuming pairing issues or other incompatibilities are a thing of the past with the POI Pilot Connected GPS hazard warning system.

functions and operation

In the video below we have summarized everything important about the device. Therefore only the following the rough info. As soon as the POI Pilot Connected is switched on, it gives automatic warnings about speed traps or other dangers in the vicinity. No presettings are required for this. If necessary, however personal configurations via the control buttons on the box and via the site make. In addition to the power switch and the volume control buttons, the buttons also include one location storage. The integrated display shows the time, direction of travel, speed as well as the distance and type of the next danger point.

Since the speed is more accurate than the usual vehicle speedometer in the instrument cluster thanks to the GPS measurement, the POI pilot is also happy to use it as a alternative speedometer used. Incidentally, the device does not only include the reports about speed cameras and danger spots real time, but also about the POIbase. This is one of the largest POI communities in Europe. And the POI Pilot Connected also obtains live information from the website, which is considered the leading provider of daily speed checks in Germany. Consequently, the GPS Warner next stationary speed cameras also before mobile speed traps to warn. The function can be in passes 44 countries use in Europe. Although the data cannot be accessed live in Switzerland, it can be made available offline after downloading before crossing the border.

Technical data

POI Pilot Connected GPS Hazard Warner with Built-in SIM Card!

The POI Pilot has a replaceable Li-Ion battery with 1.100 mAh and 3,7 V, which, thanks to its intelligent energy saving technology, makes the device one Running time from 6 to 12 hours without a power connection. Thanks to the powerful GPS receiver, the POI Pilot Connected not necessarily be mounted on the windshield. The compact dimensions of 86 x 53 x 24 mm also allow the box to be attached flexibly more discreet positions to be installed in the vehicle. In the video we show you an idea of ​​how this can be implemented in our test vehicle from 8:13 minutes. Incidentally, the acoustic warnings of the POI Pilot Connected can be activated either via the integrated speaker or about one AUX port output. Next to the 3,5mm jack socket There is also a micro-USB port on the device, which is used to charge the built-in battery. In addition to the POI Pilot, the scope of delivery also includes a micro USB cable including a 12 V car power supply, a suction cup holder and a German operating manual. The price for the POI Pilot is currently 129,99 Euros.

Our test of the POI Pilot Connected!

In our test, it was convincing POI Pilot Connected with its extremely reliable information. And they relate not only on speed measurements, but also on information such as upcoming bumps, confusing road situations, dangerous curves, schools, etc. In addition, the device has in our test the direction of travel is also included in the warning messages. The usual competing products, by the way discord require a connection to a smartphone to function cannot. By default, they also warn if the danger spot or the speed camera also exclusively can be found on the opposite lane. Sometimes that can be very annoying. And the function is also good that you can Reporting to the community can send. This is done by pressing a button on the device or via the POIbase website. In this way you contribute an important part to the constant topicality.

As the Disadvantage From the POI Pilot Connected we consider the necessary power connection and the size of the device. Due to the design, both points cannot be avoided. However, as already mentioned, the battery life is up to 12 hours, which in many cases can be enough to do without the power cable. And almost every vehicle should have an unused shelf / storage compartment in which the POI Pilot Connected discreet can also be installed with a permanent power connection. And finally ... a well thought-out device with extremely high reliability at a reasonable price!

other important functions:

  • Speed ​​camera messages are deactivated by simultaneously pressing the +/- button
  • Auto start / auto stop function
  • integrated brightness sensor
  • integrated speed warning
  • Report new speed cameras/danger zones by pressing a button (M button)
  • Delete existing speed cameras or danger spots by pressing a button (M button)
  • The instructions and even more functions can be found in the manual on the POIbase website

The legal side of POI Pilot Connected!

We assume no liability for the correctness of the following information: The § 23 Abs. 1c StVO forbids the use of technical devices that are used to warn of speed cameras (speed measuring systems) serve, in Germany. In principle, such devices are allowed not by the driver be used. As far as we know, the passenger is exempt from this regulation except.

Update: The legal situation for the passenger has changed. There is more information about this HERE

And with a deactivation in relation to messages to speedometers (is possible in the settings) the use of the POI Pilot Connected in road traffic is anyway permitted. proven Use with all functions can result in a fine of €75 and 1 point in Flensburg, as well as confiscation from the device.

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POI Pilot Connected GPS Hazard Warner with Built-in SIM Card!

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POI Pilot Connected GPS Hazard Warner with Built-in SIM Card!

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POI Pilot Connected GPS Hazard Warner with Built-in SIM Card!

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