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Power sound modules: And the sports car sounds like you want

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Power Sound Module Chrometec tuningblog 1 Power Sound Modules: And the sports car sounds quite as desired


For some, the car is just a way to get your supermarket shopping home as quickly and comfortably as possible. For others, however, a car is more than just a practical vehicle, it has become a hobby, a passion. A holistic attitude towards life - and that still requires a little more than the grip under the wheels when it starts. Or the shiny rims, the hum of the engine and the grippy leather of the steering wheel. Anyone who has discovered car tuning for themselves wants - it may sound kitschy - enjoy their car with all five senses. We prefer to forget about taste. Few of them want to do without an appropriate sound backdrop.

For the majority of car enthusiasts, good sound for their own car is simply part of the deal. Even if that doesn't mean that everyone in the area shakes. It should sound full-volume, poisonous or somehow individual.

Sound generators like the power sound module of Chrometec optimize the soundscape after installation. At the push of a button, the driver can control the Active Sound System and create a soundscape of a V8 even when the engine is not running, playing with the accelerator pedal. The sound is based 1: 1 on the speed, the volume can be controlled in 2 modes using existing switches. The cruise control lever or the E / S / M button often helps. By default there are at least two volume classes.

Installation and removal without leaving any traces

However, it is not possible without structural changes. When using a module, the sound does not come from the existing exhaust, but from a differentiable external noise module. The best thing about it: if you change the vehicle at some point, you can take the Power Sound module with you. There are no visible traces of installation in the old vehicle.

The power sound module can be used for most common car types. The only real requirement is the presence of a CAN bus system in the vehicle, which has more or less become standard in the automotive industry since 2002. The Can-Bus is a serious source of danger, so some tuning experience is at least appropriate if you want to get to work yourself. However, due to the complexity, it is advisable to let an expert work, or to drop in directly at Chrometec.

There is an app for everything

Power Sound Module Chrometec tuningblog 3 e1519045756307 Power Sound Modules: And the sports car sounds exactly as you wishBack to the controls. For the Chrometec Power Sound module you will find it in the Google Play Store as well as in the Apple App Store. Of course, it would be a waste of storage space if the app could only control the volume. Once the app is coupled with the sound module via Bluetooth, several profiles can be created. The driver can experiment with the factors of volume, idle gas, sound and engine start accompaniment according to his own taste. The profile can be created and changed again in real time. The integrated demo mode ensures that the V8 sound can also be demonstrated when the engine is stationary. This allows you to make one or the other setting that previously could only be made by experts.

V8 sound to take away

For whom sound is more than just a backdrop. And for whom the roaring when the accelerator is depressed should also cause this tingling on the upper arms. For that, a power sound module could be the right alternative. V8 take-away sound.

At a glance:

  • Powerful V8 sound for (almost) all vehicle types
  • Stainless steel exterior noise module
  • Connection via the vehicle's Can-Bus
  • Can be removed again without leaving any residue
  • Controllable via app or the cruise control lever (or also via the E / S / M button)
  • Various sound profiles adjustable
  • Questions about technical equipment, TÜV, etc.?

Power Sound Module Chrometec tuningblog 4 Power Sound Modules: And the sports car sounds quite as desired

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