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Protection & optics: 20 inch rim rings from Rim Ringz ™ in the test

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Only recently did we deal with the topic Rim protection employed. We have highlighted the different possibilities and we were particularly interested in the plastic version for attaching to the rims. Since rim protection rings for sticking in principle are nothing else than a PinStripe (is attached to the rim with adhesive tape) and we when removing already had bad experiences, this variant was out of the question for us. Hence the version of Rim Ringz ™, which are touted as "rim protection rings". Since it is only a plastic ring, we claim at this point that the rim protection is “behind” the visual aspect. Certainly, a plastic ring will only offer protection if it comes into contact with the curb.

remember - it's just plastic

RIM RINGZ rim rings test report Tuning 10 Protection & optics: 20 inch rim rings from Rim Ringz ™ in the test

But if you grind along the curb a little harder and longer, the part will probably dissolve into thin air and still scratch the rim. This fact should also be known and in our opinion is not bad at all. Because visually the parts are really cool. They are currently available in nine different colors and in the dimensions 15 to 20 inches. For our VW Phaeton we have chosen the color red and the format 20 inches. The set for € 99 consists of four rings and should fit all rims with a flat rim. According to Rim Ringz ™, the plastic is particularly durable and resistant to all weather conditions. We will soon find out how it performs in combination with a rim cleaner. The most important thing is that no glue is used during assembly, which can only be removed after a while with special solvents.

Don't worry - installing Rim Ringz ™ is child's play

RIM RINGZ rim rings test report Tuning 6 Protection & optics: 20 inch rim rings from Rim Ringz ™ in the test

Also good to know is the fact that the Rim Ringz ™ no TÜV approval or registration need! The assembly is explained in detail below and is basically child's play. Jack up the vehicle, deflate the air, click in / press on the rim rings, inflate air and deflate the vehicle - done! After we have installed the rim rings, there are two essential factors that convince us. Factor number 1 is the fact that existing scratches on the rim edge are covered. Factor number 2 is the fact that the rim looks a size bigger. This is because the Rim Ringz ™ are positioned 3 to 4 mm above the rim flange and close the gap between the tire and the rim. This gives an additional 1 cm on both sides, which makes the rim appear larger.

20 inch aluminum look like 21 inch ...

RIM RINGZ rim rings test report Tuning protection & optics: 20 inch rim rings from Rim Ringz ™ in the test

In our opinion, you shouldn't do without a lowering in combination with the Rim Ringz ™. Otherwise the effect will fizzle out! Even if our VW Phaeton is not exactly a prime example of a sporty tuned vehicle, we like the rim rings pretty much. Only criticism: We would have liked that the rim ring rests absolutely flush on the rim flange. At least with our 20 inch ICW Alufelge but that is not the case. Even after several attempts, the ring does not close flush, especially after it has been filled with air. However, this does not affect the visual appearance, as we find. In our opinion, the Rim Ringz ™ are a little bit the low-budget alternative to the flashy ones Turbofans Alus Or what do you mean?

summarizing the most important information:

  • Rim Ringz ™ enable protection and security
  • Rim Ringz ™ improve the look of the vehicle
  • Rim Ringz ™ reduce the need to repaint rims
  • Rim Ringz ™ can hide scratches easily and elegantly
  • Rim Ringz ™ do not require TÜV approval or registration
  • Rim Ringz ™ are easy to assemble (DIY)
  • Rim Ringz ™ are available in different colors (Power Silver - Race Red - Sonic White - Sunburst Yellow - Dutch Orange - Irish Green - Midnight Blue - El Dorado Gold - Ice Black)
  • Rim Ringz ™ are available in different sizes (15 ″ - 16 ″ - 17 ″ - 18 ″ - 19 ″ - 20 ″)

RIM RINGZ rim rings test report Tuning 1 Protection & optics: 20 inch rim rings from Rim Ringz ™ in the test

following the assembly Instructions to our test report

HEADS-UP: We would like to show you the correct way to install the Rim Ringz ™ rim rings, but we would like to point out that we cannot accept any liability for their accuracy. We take no responsibility for the topicality and correctness, nor for the completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against us for material or immaterial damage that may arise due to the use of information in this report are generally excluded within the legally permissible framework.

RIM RINGZ rim rings test report Tuning 14 Protection & optics: 20 inch rim rings from Rim Ringz ™ in the test

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