Give security for the new year with the Saphe Drive Pro!

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What could be nicer than giving your loved ones a little security to start the new year with? The brand new one Saphe Drive Pro allows exactly that. The small traffic alarm detects obstacles, displays the distance to other vehicles and measures the driving speed. The gadget gives the necessary comfort and the feeling of security to start the new year safely. An unbeatable price-performance ratio and high compatibility with other automotive gadgets allow the traffic alarm to be seamlessly integrated into the driving experience.

Have a safe trip!

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Technology allows us to get from one place to another more and more safely. The Saphe Drive Pro is the best example of this: As a Pro model, the compact traffic alarm helps with navigation, supports all types of traffic cameras and warns of traffic obstacles and speed controls. It even indicates the appropriate distance to the other vehicles. This can be crucial to prevent accidents and to find the best routes to get to your destination quickly and safely.

And the Saphe traffic alarm (no matter which type) is so successful because it always receives the latest data from and from one of the largest traffic communities in Europe with more than 11 million participants.

Color display for traffic warning systems of the next generation / Apple CarPlay & Android Auto / navigation / supports all types of radar systems / starts automatically and is easy to use / the data comes from, among others (One of the largest transport communities in Europe with data from more than 11 million road users)

Safe driving is not only guaranteed by the valuable information and warnings, but also by the size and clarity of the display. The Saphe Drive Pro has a 1,54 inch (approx. 4 cm) large display, on which he informs the drivers about mobile speed cameras, vehicles on the hard shoulder, track radars, accidents or other obstacles. The warning system thus prevents unnecessary surprises on the road. And the Saphe Drive Pro also makes you aware of a low battery level (Battery lasts about 3 months), a weak GPS signal or no data connection.

Compatibility and value for money!

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The Saphe Drive Pro traffic alarm is technologically up to date and can therefore interact with the car without any major problems. The alarm can be triggered using a Premium Subscriptions paired with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and displayed on the vehicle's dashboard display. The Saphe Link app allows this long-awaited connection, which now provides even more convenience. The new feature makes it easy to keep an eye on the alarm while driving. This means that drivers can keep the route in their field of vision at about the same time and are also warned of speed checks or traffic-related obstacles.

Head-up display function enables permanent display of the current speed and the currently permitted speed, the Saphe Drive Pro provides information 2 km before a measuring station if desired, also works worldwide SmartAlarm function only warns if you are going too fast

The Saphe Drive Pro can currently be purchased for €39,95. With a subscription of €2,99 per month or €29,99 per year, the new Saphe Drive Pro is a great investment for this high level of road safety. Such an investment in a traffic alarm as a New Year's gift will show your loved ones how important their safety is to them.

  • the purchase of Saphe Drive Pro with Premium Subscription includes 12 months Saphe Premium Subscription
  • €29,99 per year from the second year
  • Monthly payment (€2,99) possible
  • No contract
  • a Saphe Premium subscription is valid for one device (the device can be used by multiple users)
  • Mounting kit is included

Saphe Drive Pro Apple Car Play Test Experience Rating 6

What is the difference between Saphe Drive Pro and Mini?

  • Saphe Drive Mini and Drive Pro basically have the same functions
  • on the Saphe Drive Pro, the screen is always on
  • it always shows the alarm type, distance to event and speed
  • the Saphe Drive Pro has an improved speaker

product specifications

  • Size: 69,2 x 42,2 x 20,3 mm.
  • Weight: 64 grams
  • Screen: 1,54 inch color LCD display
  • iPhone: iOS 14 or higher
  • Android: 6.0 or higher
  • Windows Phone: Not supported
  • Huawei: Only supports models with Google Services

Saphe Drive Pro Apple Car Play Test Experience Rating 4

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  1. Hello, I can't find any information about this when you buy it. The subscription is included in the first year.

    This is how it is with you:
    the purchase of Saphe Drive Pro with Premium Subscription includes 12 months Saphe Premium Subscription
    €29,99 per year from the second year

  2. Come subscribe to Saphe Premium ?

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