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Traffic alarm for the motorcycle: the Saphe MC!

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Traffic alarm for the motorcycle: the Saphe MC!


Why the purchase from Saphe MC traffic alert worthwhile for motorcyclists, we would like to explain this briefly in the following article. Because compared to the other two Saphe devices (Saphe One+ / Saphe Drive Mini), there are a few advantages for bikers. The Saphe MC traffic alarm with a long-lasting CR2032 button cell was developed for motorcyclists (also moped, mopped, quad drivers) who anticipate traffic information speed cameras (speed measurements) and others Danger spots want on the road. The Saphe MC provides the user with various warning messages and still offers a lot more functions than the radar detector option. The warnings allow the cyclist to anticipate the current road conditions. The compact device Saphe MC weighs less than a lighter, which is why it is hardly noticed. The Saphe MC traffic alarm is used to receive warning messages, but allows, in contrast to the other two Saphe devices One+ & Drive Mini not the creation of such. To use the device you need the known Saphe Link app, with which you can adjust your traffic alarm individually to your needs

Why buy the Saphe traffic alarm?

This will give you access to an extensive European transport network with extremely extensive coverage. You increase with that Saphe MC Your safety when you are on the road with the two-wheeler. Traffic reports on fixed speed cameras, mobile speed measurements and various danger spots are created by other users of the Saphe radar detectors and fed into the database. The Saphe MC accesses this data and warns the user accordingly. the Assembly of the Saphe MC is done very simply by means of adhesive strips on the inside of the helmet near the ear of the driver. The device emits a tone via an integrated loudspeaker. When installing, make sure that the "S" in saphe by the ear located. The small loudspeaker is also installed there.

Traffic alarm for the motorcycle: the Saphe MC!

The Saphe MC works via Intercom/Bluetooth. As already mentioned, you can use it yourself No messages about speed cameras, speed measurements and danger spots, but that's not a problem because the millions of other drivers reliably take over this task. In addition, it is natural nevertheless possible, to submit a corresponding report via the Saphe app. In other words, if the traffic situation permits, then stop briefly, enter the message in the Saphe app and you were others in front of a dangerous spot due to a broken-down vehicle. Thanks to the latest traffic updates, you are always one step ahead of the traffic and thus reduce the risk of speed traps and accidents on your journey. As soon as you start driving, the Saphe MC traffic alarm connects Automatically with the app on your smartphone. The small device quickly becomes an indispensable companion.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Traffic data from
  • works across Europe, with the help of over 11.000.0000 users
  • Warning of speed cameras and speed measurements (mobile or fixed)
  • Danger zone warning
  • Prevention of fines and accidents
  • easy installation and operation

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That's why Saphe has more to offer than a simple app!

Traffic alarm for the motorcycle: the Saphe MC!

Traffic alarm and warning of speed cameras: the Saphe Drive Mini in the test!

Traffic alarm for the motorcycle: the Saphe MC!

Traffic alarm and lightning warning: the Saphe Drive Mini!

Traffic alarm for the motorcycle: the Saphe MC!

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  1. What if a communication system is already installed in the helmet, where should this part be installed?
    What if the battery dies and needs to be changed?
    Since this part is glued into the helmet and the inner shell of the helmet is usually made of a material that behaves like styrofoam, removing it without damaging the inner helmet shell is hardly possible.

    • Hi,

      the part does not necessarily have to sit right next to the ear. You can also hear it if it is placed in another nearby position in the helmet. And with two Velcro strips (one in the helmet, one on the device), the battery can also be replaced without damage.

      VG Tom

  2. Does the battery life refer to the device in standby?
    Or iSight An average usage with after each ride
    exhibited device ?

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