What is the Saphe radar detector/traffic detector all about?

Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm radar detector test report 2 What is the Saphe radar detector/traffic detector all about?


Many people take the New Year as an opportunity to undertake certain things – that can also affect behavior on the road relate: Many would like to secure be on the road and possibly make plans such as not being flashed as much. Finally is the Catalog of fines just revised and has been waiting with draconian punishments for the "sinner". Many also buy a new car for the new year, and there is certainly no better reason to adopt a few new habits. The perfect way to do this is with the accessories from saphe, which has more to offer than you would think at first glance. What's it all about?

What is Saphe anyway?

Saphe offers so-called traffic alert in different versions. There is the classic one Saphe OnePlus, The Saphe Drive Mini and the cheapest model Saphe MC for the motorcycle. Which model is the right one depends on individual needs and also on which look you prefer in your own vehicle. The most inconspicuous model is clearly the Saphe MC traffic alarm. However, it is also less suitable for the car than the motorcycle. However, you can use it in both.

Saphe traffic alarm radar detector What is the Saphe radar detector/traffic detector all about?

What are the devices for and what distinguishes them?

At first glance, Saphe devices appear to be designed to to warn of speed cameras. That is correct in principle, the devices can actually warn of speed traps. However, you would do the devices an injustice if you other functions wouldn't even mention. For example, also before Accidents and hazards warned on the route. A warning is also given if a vehicle breaks down in the hard shoulder.

Breakdown on the Autobahn e1637481551463 What is the Saphe radar detector/traffic detector all about?

So the goal of Saphe is primarily more road safety, which the products definitely succeed in doing. After all, you are not only warned of various sources of danger - also the fact that you are responsible for them no need to look at the smartphone, is definitely an advantage. You only have to connect once and you're done. It then obtains all the information that the device needs from the smartphone, which in turn transmits its data via the free Saphe app Erhält.

What speaks for a purchase?

The fact that you don't just get a device that has a single function speaks in favor of a purchase. Instead, you get what you might call an “all-round carefree package”. Come in addition, that you save money, because you are in front of most speed traps based on the Blitzer.de database (the Saphe app gets its data from there) is warned. In our opinion, you make a significant contribution to more safety in traffic and that sets Saphe apart from other manufacturers who sell devices in this area.

Hand on heart: The function of the radar warning and the use by the driver is forbidden in this country. However, you can also deactivate it. And if one of the passengers uses the device, there is very little you can do as a driver 😉

At the end... If you have decided not to pay so much money in the new year due to fines and generally want to be safer on the road, you should take a closer look at the Saphe models. The Advantage: With the code tuningblog15 you can also do it 15 Prozent save on the regular purchase price. You can go directly to the shop here! And since we're curious, we have the flagship, the Saphe Drive Mini tried out. More information about this in the following video. and even more info You can find information on Saphe devices in three other posts below the video.

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Saphe Drive mini ooono traffic alarm test difference 310x165 What is the Saphe radar detector/traffic detector all about?

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Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm radar detector 310x165 What is the Saphe radar detector/traffic detector all about?

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saphe drive mini traffic alarm speed camera detector 2 310x165 What is the Saphe radar detector/traffic detector all about?

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