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Scania tuning truck modifications

[Display] Truck drivers know the Scania brand. On the road, Europe's leading manufacturer embodies high-horsepower and reliable vehicles. And a real trend has developed in the tuning scene, so that Scania truck tuning popular with truck enthusiasts around the world.

Why is the truck brand Scania popular for tuning?

Scania trucks and tuning simply belong together. Especially the roaring Scania V8 engine makes the heart of the tuning fans beat faster. Factory on powerful engine and a great look from the driver's cab form a good basis for countless tuning ideas. With numerous add-on parts and design elements, you can give your Scania truck a very personal tuning touch at any time.

Models that are used for tuning, among other things:

  • Scania v8
  • Scania r500
  • Scania r450
  • Scania r730

Scania interior tuning - new look for the interior

Scania tuning truck modifications interior

With a tasteful Scania interior tuning you turn the standard look of the vehicle into one real eye catcher, Around Scania interiors there are numerous ways to make the interior more comfortable and pleasant for the driver. A noble Scania interior tuning embodies the personalization of the interior through the use of fine leather, special seats and frequently modified fittings. The factory equipment is often exchanged for a custom Scania interior with leather upholstery. Whether it's a steering wheel protector, curtains, new seat covers or practical storage tables, accessories there is a lot for a new interior.

A highlight from the outside too

In addition to the interior, a lot of time is also devoted to the external appearance of the truck during tuning. With much attention to detail tuners are looking for accessories made of stainless steel or very special Scania chrome accessories, such as chrome grills, mirrors and modified bumpers. Every tuning detail makes the Scania truck unique and eye-catching. The unmistakable "evil look" at the front is a popular gimmick. A new sun visor, decorative strips (e.g. as a window border), various roof spoilers, bull catchers and the like are welcome add-on parts. In addition, they often catch the eye directly special paintwork and decals, which further customize the design of the Scania truck.

Scania tuning truck modifications exterior

Where to tune?

There are dedicated truck tuning workshops that specialize in tuning Scania trucks. These offer a wide range of tuning options, from performance upgrades to customization of interior and exterior design. However, some tuners prefer to do the work themselves. There are a number of shops online with individually manufactured components.

Inspiration and fascination at exhibitions

Would you like to admire finished Scania-based tuning vehicles or generally tuned trucks? Various trade fairs, festivals and exhibitions that focus on the topic of "tuning of trucks" are held regularly around the world. Examples are the Truck Grand Prix or the Trucker & Country Festival.

About the Scania brand

  • Scania is a Swedish vehicle manufacturer with a long tradition. The brand has already been established in 1900. Today, Scania is partly owned by Volkswagen and by the TRATON GROUP, the VW subsidiary for commercial vehicles. A number of models have come onto the market over the course of history. The Scania R series truck is particularly well known. Also popular is the seriesScania V8“. However, the future is probably electric, so that the range will also include purely electric trucks. In addition to trucks, buses (e.g. Scania F-Series or Scania Citywide) are also produced.
  • Depending on the model and equipment, the prices for a new Scania truck vary widely. A new Scania V8 for sale, usually costs over €100.000. Good used Scania can be found between €30.000 and €50.000. Look around. Find a fancy Scania truck to tune. Have lots of fun with it!

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