Tuesday June 15, 2021

Tried: Sonax Ceramic Spray Sealing!

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Sonax Ceramic Spray Sealing 4 Tried: Sonax Ceramic Spray Sealing!

Can a ceramic sealant do more than a classic spray wax? Is it just as easy and quick to use? We tried it. After all, sprayable ceramic sealants are becoming increasingly popular and almost every well-known supplier (Dr. Wack / A1 High End Spray Wax, Meguiar '/ Hybrid Ceramic Wax, Nanolex / SiFinish, Rotweiss, Swissvax, Nigrin, Koch Chemie etc.) has such a product in its range. The Ceramic Spray seal from Sonax is on Ceramic base touched and promises long-lasting protection of up to four months. In addition, a simple application and wiping should be possible, and at the same time a Refreshing colors and an increased gloss join in. We tested it without a big picture show and we can Long-term protection approximately confirm. PS: also the Dr. Wack - We tried A1 HIGH END Spray Wax Premium auto wax. Here is the test report!

Sonax Ceramic Spray sealant

After 8 car washes in the car wash, the water still rolls off well and the dirt comes off much more easily. We can also give the product a good one Plastic compatibility attest. But you shouldn't come across the panes. Since the seal smeared heavily. But here, too, there was beading after the application. A really measurable one Increase in gloss level and Refreshing colors was not recognizable, however. But we have to say that we tried the Sonax Ceramic Spray sealant on a white vehicle. Measuring the degree of gloss is a bit more complicated.

We can confirm that:

  • Ceramic technology
  • protects the treated surface from dirt, insects and road salt
  • Easy-to-clean effect
  • velvety surface (only at the beginning)
  • permanent beading effect on the paint surface
  • refreshes existing ceramic seals

We cannot confirm that:

  • Lacquer shines with a permanent and reflective shine without polishing

The video from XaronFR is a bit more extensive and essentially confirms our statements. With regard to the degree of gloss, the YouTuber comes to a slightly different result than we do. At the end... Try it!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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