Tesvor M1 vacuum robot - the helper in the car dealership!

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“Leave” vacuuming in car dealer, in Workshop or im Office the car workshop? No problem! We have discovered a model that is perfect for just that. Surely most of you know the brand Tesvor already by various vacuum cleaner robots. And another teat is brand new to the range, namely the so-called "Tesvor M1 vacuum robot“. It not only does the major cleaning in the car dealership or the office quickly, but also in a special way thoroughly. With a maximum of 4000Pa, the Tesvor M1 vacuum robot has enormous suction power. To do this, he creates the Room map even in real time and is optimized for removing animal hair. In principle, the Tesvor M1 vacuum robot is suitable for cleaning hard floors and carpets. Various settings can be made in the free app for Android / iOS.

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Even full control over Amazon Alexa and Google Home is doable. According to test reports, the Tesvor M1 vacuum robot has achieved excellent cleaning results on hard floors and carpets and if you want even more, you can even use the M1 wischen to let. There is also an optional water tank. And even if there are larger areas to be cleaned over several floors, Tesvor is well positioned. For example, if the car dealership has two or three floors, then several Tesvor vacuum robots can be connected to the Tesvor app. You have full control of the APP, voice commands via Google Home and Amazon Alexa. So if you're tired of doing the hard work with the old vacuum cleaner every day car dealership or the office of the car repair shop to clean, he should grab the Tesvor M1 vacuum robot.

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