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Trend - tire stickers and tire stickers à la Jon Olsson

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Jon Olsson did it with his legendary Audi RS6 DTM Avant Made in 2015! Tire stickers and tire stickers offer a wide range of options for giving the tires and the vehicle a stylish look and expressing them individually on request. Accordingly, the residue-free removable stickers with original lettering from Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin and many other tire manufacturers are very popular with tuners. The online shop of but makes a lot more possible. With the individual custom-made tire letters, custom lettering is also an interesting option for companies and advertising purposes or trade fair appearances.

Tire labels are available there for tire sizes from 16 to 22 inches. The tire strips have a length of 180 cm. For smaller tires, the length can be shortened to the appropriate size with scissors or a knife. Neither dismantling the tires nor special know-how is necessary to apply the self-adhesive stickers. The tire is simply stuck on.

Tire sticker Tire sticker Tuning Trend Tire sticker and tire sticker à la Jon OlssonThe surface must first be cleaned using a high-pressure cleaner and a grease-dissolving agent. It is best to use a high alcohol alcohol cleaner in combination with a clean microfiber cloth. No glass or silicone cleaners and fluffy towels! For good durability, the surface covering must be free of impurities and unevenness like small rubber nipples. After that, after applying the primer on the surface to be glued, you can start gluing. When gluing, make sure that the self-adhesive side is not touched with your fingers. The fat of the fingers has a negative effect on the adhesive properties.

When adhering to the installation instructions, the tires and tires are letters of Suitable for washing machines and have a UV resistance of up to five years. A special adhesive is responsible for the good durability. In contrast to superglue, it has no composition that damages the car tire. By using a tire-compatible adhesive, no complaints can be expected from the TÜV.

Tire Sticker Tire Sticker Tuning2 Trend tire sticker and tire sticker à la Jon Olsson

By the way, this is by no means a matter of course and is currently only the case at!

If necessary, the stickers can be removed without leaving any residue. At the same time, the stickers and tire stickers were made of special rubber according to the surface properties of vehicle tires. Tested at speeds of up to 320 km / h, there was no damage even at tire temperatures of more than 100 ° C.

The tire stickers in the online shop of are available in different versions. The 16 to 22 inch tire lettering with original font and partly logo from various tire brands is available in a set of 4. The set of 8 is ideal for labeling winter and summer tires or as a replacement for new tires. There are more than 15 tire brands to choose from. These include Continental, Hankook and Good Year.

The tire strips offer additional options for individualization and give the tire a sporty touch. The stripes can be ordered individually or in a set of 4 as a complete set and are attached between the stickers.

The highlight -> tire sticker V2

Tire stickers with the desired text can also be created in the online shop and are our personal highlight of the site. The whole thing is called Tire sticker V2 and enables tire stickers of all kinds - individual letters and individual lettering. In the first step, the desired color is specified. Then the desired text is entered in the given field. In the last step, you only have to enter the number of lettering in the input field. Trend tire stickers and tire stickers à la Jon OlssonCustom-made tire stickers and tire letters are also implemented. To do this, it is necessary to contact us directly via email (, telephone (+49 0172 834 72 23) or the contact form under the "Contact" tab.

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