All-rounder with 3 eyes: the VANTRUE Element 3 (E3) dashcam!

[Display] There's another extremely cool new dash cam! We're talking about the VANTRUE Element 3 (E3), which we received directly from the manufacturer for a short test. What the new cam can do, what we like and what we don't, we have summarized for you in the video below. But what exactly is the VANTRUE E3 3 Lens dash cam? This is a compact device that comes with around 5GHz Wi-Fi (8 MB/s) with voice control function. It delivers ultra clear picture quality in 1944P (front incl. Sony flagship sensor)+1080P (Interior) + 1080P/30FPS (Rear). According to the manufacturer, this allows you to recognize the license plates of other vehicles, you can keep an eye on the entire vehicle cabin and what is going on behind the vehicle can also be seen in HD quality. Everything is also filmed with a 160°+165°+160° angle in combination with comprehensive functions.

VANTRUE Element 3 (E3)

Incidentally, the VANTRUE can also be controlled with the in-house VANTRUE APP and thanks to the built-in GPS, the position, speed and route can be precisely recorded and viewed on the smartphone or computer. Even a voice control (Commands: Turn on/off WiFi, Lock the Video, Take photo, etc.) is integrated. So you can easily control the camera while driving and concentrate on driving. Incidentally, the camera for the interior has four infrared LEDs installed so that the cabin can be easily filmed by the vehicle and every detail in the car is really visible.

The front and cabin cameras always adjust the recording by adjusting the exposure value + WDR. The reversing camera also has an HDR function. And if it has to be done particularly quickly, the wireless remote control might also help to save and lock important videos while driving. The built-in G-sensor also allows the camera to detect accidents and automatically lock the video in the events folder. Of course, the camera overwrites the old files, making room for new ones.

typical dashcam functions are not missing

With a maximum 512GB memory card (not included), 32 hours of loop videos are possible at 1944P+1080P+1080P. And there is also a parking mode. Built-in motion detection lets the camera start automatically when motion or collision is detected, saving 5 seconds before the event and 30 seconds after the event.

The menu is innovative, but unfortunately the 2,45 inch (approx. 6 cm) screen has IPS save touch function. We would wish for this in the future. As well as a radio transmission from the rear to the front cam. We find the two very massive cables annoying. The cable for the rear camera is just under 6 meters long enough for this and can be easily laid in the area of ​​the roof liner.

the most important key points summarized:

    • Very high quality packaging
    • Delivery:
      + Vantrue E3 dash cam
      + RC05 rear camera
      + Bluetooth remote control
      + rear camera cable (approx. 6 meters long)
      + USB-C car charger cable (approx. 4 meters long)
      + USB-C data cable (approx. 1 meter long)
      + GPS adhesive mount
      + static stickers (2 pieces)
      + Warning stickers in German & English
      + 3M replacement adhesive, one for mount, rear camera and one for remote control
      + clean cloth
      + 1 wedge
      + instructions
    • Dashcam is attached to the windshield with a bracket (GPS adhesive bracket)
      - Suction cup is USB-C connector for power delivery
      – the cable goes away upwards
      – Slide the dashcam onto the bracket and engage
      – Connect power generation via the cigarette lighter or directly to the battery of the vehicle (hardwire kit required)
      – Attach the rear camera to the rear window with an adhesive pad
      – Laying the connection cable is not a problem, even in larger vehicles
      – Interior camera and rear camera can be adjusted in inclination
    • E3 simultaneously records front and back at 1944P+1080P+1080P/30FPS
    • first camera with voice control
    • better night vision compared to previous models
    • built-in Wi-Fi 5G & GPS sensor
    • collision detection
    • bitrate mode

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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