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Children of the 90s become wistful when they think back to the console and computer games shortly after the turn of the millennium. Car racing and tuning were popular topics at the time, hyped by young adults and kids of this generation. But where did the hype come from? What were the most popular tuning games? And what have the so popular today 50 Free Spins No Deposit Casinos to do with? We show it on our little trip into the past.

1994: EA & The Need for Speed

In the mid-90s, the Electronic Arts company managed to lay the foundation for something that has continued successfully to this day with sales of more than 150 million games: the Need for Speed ​​game series. The first part came out in 1994 and was voted best game of 1995 the following year. Today it ranks 100th among the top 28 video games.

The Need For Speed ​​One

In terms of quality, the racing game already had some weak points back then. And tuning wasn't even possible. It's worth mentioning though, because by initiating the series, the developers were able to jump on a trend at just the right moment. In order to be able to understand this, we dare to take a little excursion into the film industry.

Digression: tuning is suitable for the masses

With the first part of the Fast & Furious film series, real hype spread. Many young people came into contact with the topics of cars, car racing and tuning for the first time through the blockbuster. The 2001 strip starred Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in the main cast. The sequel followed in 2003 and delighted many fans of the first part. The leitmotifs remained:

  • love for car
  • interpersonal loyalty
  • Tuning to outperform yourself and others
  • Illegal street racing

2003: Need for Speed ​​Underground

In the same year, EA published the seventh part of the Need for Speed ​​series. The target group of the developer studio had tasted blood. Inspired by the cult films, the new game went over the counters like hot cakes. Tuning was a key issue here. It was about designing one's own and very individual car, which was not only superior to the computer opponents and players in multiplayer mode in terms of appearance, but also in terms of performance and handling. Need for Speed ​​Underground was named Game of the Year by Computer Gaming World in the year of its release. Even then, the game was missing a few important things:

  • Varied route selection
  • Free Roaming
  • vehicle damage

Need For Speed ​​Underground

Tuning to the Fullest: Need for Speed ​​Underground 2

Just a year later, EA seemed to have heard the cries. The second part of the underground spin-off came out. This time the game should allow a free ride. Players could simply explore the maps as they wished. The races are varied and there are countless tuning options. The story became more engaging and much more interactive. This was also reflected in the critics and testers. Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 received mostly positive reviews and a Metascore of 89% for Windows PC and Playstation.

Need For Speed Underground 2

Grand Theft Auto: Crime and Customization work great together

The outlaw principle seems to have an attractive effect on the players. The development studio Rockstar Games has also had good sales figures since the 90s. The game series GTA (Grand Theft Auto) primarily serves the gangster existence and autotuning in all parts. The sixth part of the game series has been in development since February 2022. What could be more successful and popular than the fifth sequel in twenty years.

Grand theft auto tuning game 2021

More games with more variety

What worked in the late 90s and 2000s only works to a limited extent today. The games that are currently among the most popular racing games, with or without tuning elements, have a lot more variability. Stockcar games have seen their fan base grow. Among the top games is Wreckfest. But other vehicles such as quads or motorcycles are also often used as vehicles in racing games. The classic Nail'd is a popular example of this, even if the tuning component falls a bit short.

This is how the topic of tuning shows up in iGaming

Many online casinos have jumped on the tuning and car racing bandwagon, if you will. Cars and racetracks make excellent slots themes. So there are games like Ralley4Riches and JackpotGT. Other slots with an RTP value of over 95% are:

  • SpeedCash
  • Dream Run
  • Crazy Cars
  • Retro style
  • Street racer


  • What began in the 90s with a simple game for computers and consoles has blossomed into a veritable cornucopia of cross-industry mega projects. Whether the enthusiasm for car racing and tuning is really based solely on the film series The Fast & The Furious cannot be answered conclusively. However, similarities can be found in some well-known and extremely popular computer games. The topic of tuning has even made it into the world of iGaming.

Extreme Asphalt Car Racing Browser Game E1595421708248

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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