Get higher & higher: WDW-Lift lift for the quad!

WDW Lift Lift PM Tools ATV Quad 46 Get higher & higher: WDW Lift Lift for the Quad!


Every car fan who has already screwed on his car knows that it can be difficult under certain circumstances to have all the important details in view on a normal lift. Above all, however, when it comes to the used car check, every little detail is important, so that in the subsequent price negotiation it does not miscalculate and to pay more than the car is actually worth.

WDW Lift Lift PM Tools ATV Quad 10 1 Get higher & higher: WDW Lift Lift for the Quad!

But let's get back to tuning vehicles and the new scissor lift called WDW Lift from PM Tools: this extremely compact, mobile lift, which can be easily pulled with one hand and rotated on the spot, is suitable for almost every vehicle, even For Quads and ATV's, Thanks to its extremely small dimensions, light weight and enormous stability, even heavy SUVs and pickups can be jacked up without any problems, and in the future there will also be a lifting platform on offer, which is particularly suitable for lowered vehicles, as it is so flat that you can can jack up even vehicles with coilovers or airride function. Another great advantage of the WDW Lift from PM Tools is that you can easily maneuver the lift using heavy-duty castors, even when there is a vehicle on it. If, for example, you have jacked up all four tires on separate trestles, you can easily pull the lift out from under the vehicle in order to have a closer look at the underbody of the vehicle. From now on, you can inspect the underbody very carefully while tuning, without annoying parts of a lift.

quickly cleaned up again

WDW Lift Lift PM Tools ATV Quad 29 Get higher & higher: WDW Lift Lift for the Quad!

As soon as there is no vehicle on it, you can easily store the lift in a barn or warehouse with muscle strength or with the help of a cable winch, because you can simply fold it up and stand it upright on a wall. The system is also suitable as a load carrier if you do not have an ant or a trolley available to drive heavy parts around in the workshop. Regardless of whether rims or other car parts that are delivered in boxes, due to the special functionality of this system, which is easy to pull and push, the WDW lift from PM Tools can also be used as a load carrier. This saves a lot of energy and is easy on the back when you take the tuning parts you just ordered out of the warehouse or clear them into the warehouse.

a new dimension of quality

Now we come to the history of the scissor lift, which is produced in Poland, offers excellent quality, has an excellent CO2 balance due to short transport routes, and also has an unrivaled price-performance ratio because of lower production costs than in Germany , Originally it was thought that the production would take place in China, but these plans were quickly discarded because considerable doubts about the production quality cannot be ruled out. In addition, a production in China would not guarantee that the delivery would always run smoothly.

The following variants and models of the lift are available:

  • The WDW-LIFT Extended for all common passenger cars with a width of 107 cm
  • The WDW-LIFT Extended "S" for cars, especially slim vintage cars and very narrow small cars with a width of 102 cm
  • The WDW-LIFT Extended PLUS for passenger cars and vans as well as small buses T4, T5, T6 as well as pickups and wide sports cars and SUVs with a width of 115 cm (also possible here in 107 cm and 102 cm)

All other information can of course tuning enthusiasts car mechanics on the homepage of the provider which also shows the different functions of this new type of lift in various videos.
Now, of course, you only have to carefully weigh up whether you want to buy this new type of scissor lift yourself in order to enjoy previously unknown comfort when tuning and screwing your car. The system is definitely worth taking a closer look at. Ps. We have created a huge gallery for you so that you can get an "unadorned" overview of the area of ​​application of the WDW-Lift lifting platforms. You can find the gallery at the end of this post. You could contact us via the following data:

  • pm tools
    Ul. Małorolnych 10b
    66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski
    German Tel 01799105270 (also Whatsapp)

WDW Lift Lift PM Tools ATV Quad 28 Get higher & higher: WDW Lift Lift for the Quad!

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