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Yeedi Vac Max robot vacuum


A vacuum cleaner in our tuning magazine? That's where opinions differ for sure. Very few readers have an opinion on this. After all, tuningblog is essentially about cars! But you also need a vacuum cleaner regularly in a car dealership, in a specialist workshop, at the exhibition stand at the EMS or IAA, at the tuner around the corner and at many other locations around the automobile. So we have no problem with briefly testing a vacuum cleaner and expressing our opinion on the device. The mark yeedi is known for its good value for money, and an example of this is the Yeedi Vac Max. A cheap vacuum robot with many functions. He offers one automatic carpet detection, a room management and App control for less than 300 euros. And we took a closer look at the cheap vacuum robot.

the initial installation

The first installation of the vacuum robot is surprisingly quick and easy. Download the app, create an account for free and simply follow the app's instructions. After turning on the robot, pressing the reset button and reading the QR code, the rest takes care of itself. In this price range, this is an excellent performance. After setup, the main menu of the app shows which robots are already connected. There is also a shortcut, the one Complete cleaning allows. To get a little deeper into the possibilities of the vacuum robot, just click on the button in the app, then the room map is visible first, if you push it up you get to the options of the robot. Now you will find additional commands that can be sent to the vacuum robot. It is possible that suction, a timed cleaning, the Language and volume of the voice messages, as well as the sequence, in which the rooms are to be cleaned. The robot also offers the user the option of setting that as soon as it detects a carpet, automatically increases the suction power. On top of that there is a "Do not disturb mode" to disposal.

the optics

Yeedi Vac Max vacuum robot 1

Visually, the robot offers a round, white and flat appearance. Going there, the Chinese manufacturer Yeedi remains true to its design. There is one at the front in the upper area Camera for orientation, a control knob and the manufacturer's logo. The top of the device can be opened to reveal the one below dust container to empty and to be able to use the on/off button. There is also a rear attached one water tank and at the front right two side brushes with longer bristles. A laser tower for navigation is not installed, this design point offers an advantage because the device has a lower ground clearance. This means that it can also drive under furniture that is approx. 8 cm high.

Navigation and cleaning in operation

Immediately after the device goes into cleaning mode, it can be seen that the camera navigation upgradeable is. Since the camera is pointing upwards, the robot recognizes knee-high obstacles immediately and can avoid them, but when it comes to smaller objects it sometimes drives against them with full force and only after the front bumper reacts does it dodge. Overall, the robot seems to be doing quite well. True, models with a built-in laser have one better navigation, but for its price range the Yeedi is at the forefront. With its spiral-shaped skin brush, which consists of rubber lamellae and rows of bristles, the Yeedi manages to get rid of all common dirt easy to suck up.

Yeedi Vac Max robot vacuum 3 1

If the robot is used regularly, the normal suction power can be maintained, since the suction power is automatically increased anyway with a carpet. A big advantage is that the battery lasts long and the cleaning performance is satisfactory. Emptying the dust container is also no problem and is very easy. The container is smooth on the inside, giving dust no chance to get stuck. As with all simple models, we will not go into detail about them this time either wiping function enter. Basically, it's just a simple sweep of a damp cloth across the floor and no proper wiping to remove dirt. And to what extent the whole thing should still be hygienic is also questionable.

Price: The Yeedi Vac Max is priced at €349 RRP. The Yeedi Vac Max is there HERE and with suction station HERE.

At the end... In principle, the Yeedi Vac Max has a simple and friendly design. It offers reasonable suction power, a variety of features and a reasonable price. However, the price results from the lack of laser navigation. The Yeedi Vac Hybrid can compensate for this disadvantage reasonably well in simple room conditions. In rooms with a lot of decoration or a lot of furniture, however, it reaches its limits. So if you rely on a lot of decoration and furniture, you should dig a little deeper into your pocket and use a model with a laser.

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