The new BMW Museum Information: compact, clear and informative.

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BMW Museum 2021 22 The new BMW Museum Information: compact, clear and informative.

From the history and architecture of the museum to the exhibitions and the visitor experience to the BMW Event Forum: BMW Museum Information provides insights into one of the oldest automobile museums in Germany and provides interesting figures, data and facts as well as clear visual material. The BMW Museum in Munich brings over 100 years of automotive fascination, innovation, dynamism and driving pleasure to life and answers questions about the company, brand and product history of BMW in its exhibitions. In addition, it spans an arc from the beginnings through the present to the future and gives museum guests a comprehensive picture of the innovative strength of the BMW brand. That goes down well: With 630.000 visitors per year, the BMW Museum is one of Munich's most popular museums.

BMW Museum information

The building is visually impressive with its extraordinary architecture. The characteristic “museum bowl” was designed by the architect Prof. Dr. Karl Schwanzer in the sense of a “continuation of the street in the enclosed space”. In 2008 the museum was redesigned and enlarged five times. Since then it has comprised 5.000 square meters of exhibition space. The BMW Museum is divided into two exhibition areas. The permanent exhibition is located in the low-rise building. Its approximately 125 original exhibits from over 100 years of BMW Group history illustrate the company's development. In addition, there are temporary exhibitions in the “Museum Bowl” that are dedicated to the company's brands or current topics.

the Junior Museum for children and adolescents

BMW Museum 2021 11 The new BMW Museum Information: compact, clear and informative.

Visitors can also explore the BMW Museum during an extensive guided tour. The Junior Museum is specially designed for children and young people: the young participants can take a detailed look at the exhibits on interactive tours. Culinary catering is also provided: the "M1" bistro offers visitors a varied lunch menu. The restaurant is run by the traditional Munich restaurateur Feinkost Käfer. Together with BMW Welt and BMW Group Classic, the BMW Museum forms the BMW Event Forum. In the midst of original historical exhibits, the BMW Museum offers extraordinary event areas and rooms.

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