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Who gets the H mark and what are the advantages?

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Oldtimer Check Winter Summer Classic e1615612814951 Who gets the H license plate and what are the advantages?

In Germany was 1997 the H-plates introduced. This indicator may just used for special vehicles. Here you will find all the important information about the license plate. In Germany alone there are around 480.000 old-timers that have an H license plate. With this label, the owners benefit from advantages such as Environmental exemptions or Tax breaks. We explain to you what the H mark means and which vehicles get it.

When is a vehicle considered a classic car?

H mark (H = historical) A classic car is a vehicle, bus, truck or motorcycle that first appeared at least 30 years was put into operation. Most of the historic vehicles must be in the original state are located. In addition, they must be well preserved and accordingly serve to maintain a motor vehicle cultural asset. This description is in the Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV) Paragraph 2 No. 20 to find.

Porsche 550 Spyder Oldtimer 19 Who gets the H license plate and what are the advantages?

The year of manufacture of a vehicle is just one Prerequisite for the issuance of the H mark. Another important criterion is that original state. A tuned vehicle is therefore allowed cannot be equipped with a vintage license plate. This also applies if the vehicle is more than 30 years old.

What does that mean for a classic car original state?

If a vehicle is at least 30 years old, the first requirement for an H license plate has been met. After that it is important to have a recognized expert an appraisal of the classic car created. You can do this, for example Dekra, TÜV, KüS or use other testing organizations. The report has been allowed since 2007 from each certified Test engineer to be created. It is not clear from the letter which parts of the vehicle must be original. It can therefore depend on the respective expert whether an H-license plate is an option for the oldtimer or not.

1988 BMW M3 E30 with contemporary tuning 8 Who gets the H license plate and what are the advantages?

However, some principles can be recognized. In all Main assemblies the classic car must correspond to the original. A conversion is only justified if it was typical for the time. In other words, the Oldi may only have one contemporary tuning have. There is more information on this topic HERE. In addition, the vehicle must well maintained be. The H mark can be refused by the appraiser due to large signs of use or defects.

Advantages through an H mark

The effort to get an H mark is often worthwhile. You get many benefits such as one cheaper car insurance, tax benefits or a lesser one Environmental regulation. With a classic car with an H license plate, you can also go through a Environmental zone drive when you are not using a catalytic converter. A Environmental badge is also not needed.

H license plate oldtimer requirements Who gets the H license plate and what are the advantages?

The license plate has a particularly positive effect in terms of taxation. On average, for classic cars, regardless of consumption and displacement, namely only 191,73 euros vehicle tax due. Historic motorcycle owners only pay 46,02 Euros. However, it is only really worthwhile when it comes to this large displacement Classics. Example: For small petrol cars with a displacement of less than 800 ccm, such as a BMW Isetta, a Citroën 2CV (duck) or a Fiat Nuova 500, an H license plate is not worthwhile. And VMany insurance companies offer for classic cars cheap tariffs because you can assume that the car will be handled with care.

Advantages of the H mark:

  • inexpensive car insurance protection
  • a catalyst is not required
  • Environmental zones can also be entered without an environmental badge
  • low road tax

What does an H license plate cost?

For vehicles with an H license plate, an annual tax rate of 191,73 Euros (Truck or car) as well 46,02 Euros for two-wheelers. An important requirement is that the classic car at least 30 years ago was put into operation. A recognized test engineer, inspector or expert can provide an expert opinion for the classic car classification. Here it must be determined whether the classic car is mostly in its original condition or one contemporary allowable change was carried out.

Documents for an H mark?

You can get an H license plate for your vehicle at any time at the local licensing authority apply for. The following documents are required for this:

  • valid passport or identity card
  • for companies, associations or legal persons: Association register or trade extract (not older than 3 years) and a business registration
  • with support for official and administrative matters: Supervisor ID
  • Declaration of consent from the classic car owner that all vehicle tax relationships may be disclosed to the authorized representative
  • At a representation: Identification of the authorized representative in the original, written authorization in the original and identification of the principal in copy.
    - Registration certificate Part I (previously vehicle registration)
    - Registration certificate part II (formerly vehicle registration document)
    - SEPA mandate of the account holder or vehicle owner
    - For commercial vehicles: safety check
    - Test report on the valid general inspection (main inspection)
    - license plates
    - Oldtimer report according to §23 of the StVZO (Road Traffic Licensing Regulations)

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